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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Are We There Yet?

"There" being somewhere other than this oddity of the day I have had. I feel like I have entered an alternate universe, or just going senile.

Not a biggie, but first thing this morning, I realized that I had forgotten to renew my membership with a professional society. I had stuffed the envelope from them into my bag, as a reminder to register at home. I had filled it out at work only to realize I left my corporate credit card in my 'other' bag at home. The deadline, without penalty, was January 31st. I figured out my mistake today, February 1st.

I packed my lunch and got MiMi off to school in record time. It's always 'nice' to be reminded...MiMi says: 'wow, this is the earliest we have ever left to go to school!' School starts at 9:15; I live five minutes from the school; I left at 8:55. You do the math.

When I got to work, I ransacked my car looking for my lunch. I brought EVERYTHING to my car; I was sure I had brought my lunch. But alas, it was nowhere to be found so I pouted. I don't like 'settling' for anything, which is normally what happens when I fail to bring my own lunch.

OK. I'll deal with it.

As I approach the entrance to my building, I am flipping through notes in my head, about what I was doing the rest of my day. It was then that I realized I left my fucking WATCH at home, for my track workout. This is the second week in a row I have left it *and* the third thing to-date that I have forgotten *some* *thing*.

I make it through my workout - which I wasn't very happy about doing. When I'm done, I'm happy. But while I ran my 3x1 miles on the track? I was screaming in my head.

Now I have to hurry and shower to make a 1PM meeting, missing lunch. This must have been on my mind when I washed my hair with body wash. WTF is wrong with me today, I think to myself.

I make it to the building where the meeting is at, only to wander every corner of the floor, trying to find this meeting room. Once I find it, I am congratulated for finding it, since it's not easy. Hmmm...perhaps you should have mentioned that in the meeting request???

Then I rush home to get CJ and MiMi for volleyball practice. I told CJ: let me make my coffee, grab my book and a cookie (CJ made these wonderful chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies the other night; one was in my lunch :( ). As we drive off to volleyball, CJ reminds me that I had forgotten my cookie. GREAT.

The day is not done yet but I hope this is the last of my odd Tuesday. Let's get back to normalcy tomorrow, please, which is already stressful enough.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I have a 8:00am demo tomorrow at work for my team in India (so no walking the dog or running at 7:15am for me tomorrow). I hope it doesn't throw my whole day off, but it might!

  2. Laughing at you washing hair with body wash. I do this sometimes when my brain is off after a workout.

    I left my watch at home yesterday too and i had my first "real" track workout. Fortunately i convinced the boy at home to bring it to me.