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Monday, January 17, 2011


This past weekend we got some more movies in. I am blogging these mainly so I can remember what movies I watched and what I thought of them. I am sure some of you are like 'jeezuz - what's with the movies???' Just be thankful I don't blog *every* TV show I watch...

Knight and Day - I tried to get movies that I thought would be appropriate for the girls. Granted, I am flexible but Tim is not so I have to compromise when we watch as a family.

If you like SNL-type skits of stereotypical Tom Cruise acting and movies, then you would love this. It was a "Tom Cruise" movie to the hilt. I found it entertaining, even though I am not a Tom Cruise fan. It's an adventure movie, where Tom is the gorgeous agent who is invicible to any enemy. And Cameron is the ditzy love interest. Not a Diaz fan. But it appears she hasn't done any plastic surgery work anywhere (yay for the small booby gal!) so I appreciated every wrinkle she made in this role.

The Town - The kids didn't watch this one. I really, really liked this one a lot. I am not a huge Ben Affleck fan either (I know, I know...who DO I like?) but I heard good things about this movie.

Affleck wrote the screenplay and directed the movie. When I saw the preview several months ago, I almost fell out of my chair. The premise resembles a story that I have started writing...well, I say "started" but I started writing it years ago. The idea is in my head and to see it on film was freaky. If I had actually wrote it, I could have sued them for stealing my idea...but I guess there are just other people with demented minds who could think up such a story.

That story being: a hostage is taken during a bank robbery and eventually, one of the bank robbers falls for her after following her around to keep tabs on her testimony to the police. That's their story; not mine.

Mall Rats - I noticed that this was going to fall out of my instant queue by January 19th so I decided to watch it. It was good, not great. It was pretty cool to see Jason Lee, the dude that played with Jason Lee in My Name Is Earl, Ben Affleck (looking a bit pudgy), and Kevin Smith himself, as the young dudes they were in 1995. I was a fan of Chasing Amy and Clerks, so if you like those types of movies, this one might work for you too. I didn't love it but I found it amusing.

The Last Exorcism - I got this because I thought CJ would enjoy it. She loves scary movies and this one was PG13. It ended up that only Tim and I watched it as the girls got too freaked out over the previews BEFORE the movie ever started.

This one had potential but it never 'climaxed' and ended kind of flatly. It followed the "documentary" type formula that Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity, and while freaky, it just wasn't at the same level as those two were.

Winter's Bone - wow, this one was one of those "sleepers": a great movie that didn't get a lot of hoopla. Well, the lead actress, Jennifer Lawrence, was nominated for a Golden Globe (she didn't win). She should be nominated for an Oscar for this amazing performance. In fact, I think she should play the pivotal role of Katniss for The Hunger Games trilogy. Course, that won't happen because they need someone "name brand", which will probably be Dakota Fanning and that will really piss me off.

I digress. Winter's Bone follows a very backwoods community, in the Ozarks. Guess it could have been in the Appalachian Mountains too. These people live on a lot of land, hunt for food, walk because they have no car, etc. BTW, you gun control people? Watch this movie and realize that you are completely naive to think that your scenarios for gun rights apply to all people. You are missing out on a whole other culture of people...

Having seen this part of Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois, heck - i was just there last month! - just gave me a strange recognition. I felt like: wow - this could have been me. I could have married straight out of high school, one of the pentecostal cotton farm boys I had crushes on, and lived off the land.

Back to the plot: Jennifer Lawrence is Ree, a 17 year old who is the family provider because her dad went to prison and her mom went crazy. She has two younger siblings to take care of and word from the Sheriff is, her daddy got bond and used their home and land as collateral. If he doesn't show up for a court date, she's losing the house and the kids.

So Ree goes on a quest for her dad and the characters she meets is somber but fascinating.

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