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Monday, January 10, 2011

True Grit

I rounded up my weekend, and last day of vacation, with a matinee of True Grit. CJ actually wanted to see this, which was pretty awesome. I didn't like Westerns until old age, so I was impressed. MiMi, unfortunately, was overruled and had to come with us. She did well to watch it and was still for nearly two hours.

I know I saw the John Wayne version but I have no recollection of that movie whatsoever. But I am a fan of western flicks, the Coen brothers and, um, vengeance _movies_. :) And this movie gave me all of that and more.

The "true grit" is supposed to be from Rooster Cogburn. Rooster is a a tough old coot from the US marshals. Jeff Bridges does Rooster magnificently.

Which brings me to this question: What happened to Jeff Bridges? When did he turn into some crazy Nick Nolte-like frazzled actor? I remember Jeff being the good-looking one of the Bridges brothers. He was dapper, gentleman-like - The Fabulous Baker Boys, Tucker, or rugged and hot as in 8 Million Ways to Die.

Regardless, he's a fine actor who was excellent in this one.

The big surprise for me was Mattie Ross, the 14 year old who hires Cogburn to seek out the man who killed her father. I had no idea that the star of this movie would be the one person who would not receive any of the top billing.

Her character is spunky and smart. And she is determined to avenge her father's death. Matt Damon plays a Texas Ranger on the hunt for the same man. And then Josh Brolin plays the role of the outlaw, Tom Chaney. I don't quite understand how Brolin gets top billing for a mere few minutes in the movie. Well, I do know...Hollywood wants to draw the attention with big name stars.

The journey that Cogburn, Ross and Texas Ranger Matt Damon undergo is an adventure worth the watch. I found it very sad, in the end, however, to see Mattie Ross grow up to be an old maid. The twist to this, IMO, is that the person with true grit is Mattie Ross.

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