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Sunday, January 09, 2011

My Bests of 2010

The obligatory "best" list from me...for 2010.

Favorite Movie: The Kids Are All Right
This was a great movie that Tim and I had the pleasure of watching in August. It's where I fell in love with Mark Ruffalo and will forever think of his character when I hear "Shut the front door!" It's a great movie with superb acting. Glad to see that it hasn't been forgotten in the wake of the movie-du-jour Black Swan, when it comes to the upcoming critic awards.

I wish I had something more to write but my movie watching was on the down-low this year. I did re-watch The Brotherhood of the Wolf, which I declared as my favorite movie of the year...maybe it's a close to The Kids Are All Right... But last year's winner Let the Right One In just moved me so greatly and I don't have a similar movie this year to be impassioned about.

Best Novel: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
I have had a wonderful year of book reading due to the fact that I will no longer finish books that do not interest me. It's great when I can read a book and be so overwhelmed by it that I can't stop thinking about it.

The year started off with the beautiful The God of Animals by Aryn Kyle and not long after, I had the privilege of reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Month after month, book after book, as I reflect on the books I've read this past year, I feel thankful for the wonderful authors out there who provide me with such guilty pleasure.

Regardless, it is The Hunger Games that blew me away this year. I love every bit of that book and I savor the memories of "meeting" these amazing characters through these pages. There is a great benefit, IMO, to reading novels with complete ignorance - you learn the story as you go and that's what made this book so wonderful to me. Granted, I knew a bit about the gist of the novel and was initially turned off by the premise. But with encouragement from BFFs Olivia and Kerry, I went for it and will be forever indebted to their sense of appreciation for stories.

Best Dining: La Farm Bakery
Another year of not trying a lot of new things out so I don't have a lot to choose from. However, La Farm Bakery was my sneaky winner of the year. Sneaky because it was a nice surprise when I decided to get a lunch there one day and was blown away by the delectable flavors of their food. I've gone back several times since and I just love it.

Best Song of the Year: TiK ToK by Ke$ha
You heard right. I love this song. This song, to me, represents being a young, frivolous, fun and whimsical girl - and ultimately, an ode to the DJ for their part in the fun. From the opening lyrics of 'feeling like P Diddy' to 'eer body getting crunk crunk' -- I love the vibe of white trash rap.

Best MiMi Thing: MiMi going for the swim team. Wow. I reflected on pictures from our summer swim meets and I have nothing but amazement for her courage in taking this on. She knew NOTHING about the different swim strokes...except a barely-there freestyle and yet she competed in all. I am beyond proud and look forward to another summer of watching her do this again.

Best CJ Thing: CJ running the Second Empire Series was such a wonderful thing for me to see. She was determined to do the races to qualify for a prize. We knew it was looking slim but she never gave up the 'cause' and ran *six* races in four months, most of them happening in the last couple of months of the year when it was brrr-coolllddd.

She really pushed herself too. She didn't run any easy paces and with a good bit of training, she could be as competitive as the other girls who ran well in her age bracket. And two big races for her: a fast mile, in the Magnificent Mile and her longest race, the Turkey Trot 8K, was a big achievement for a girl of 12.

Best Addition to Household: Adopting Ricky and Lucy, our twin chicorgi pups.
I don't know...there are days I would add this to the 'worst' addition to our household. What made me think it would be a good idea to adopt another pet, let alone a fricking puppy, then add TWO to that and I just doubled the work, stress, frustration and complications to my home. But they are ever so sweet and bring us such delight in their funky antics. They are great cuddlers and easy to tote around the house. The girls can carry them around too and the cat and the other dog seemed expecially happy to have them as part of the household.

However. Never again will I adopt a puppy. Or two puppies at once.

Best Scariest Moment: When I found Sunkist the cat with a mouse in his mouth. I haven't gotten over it to this day. And MiMi and CJ love to bring it up every so often and it just gives me shudders. A couple more mice were found since then and even one of them was picked up and thrown out by CJ. I can't believe my children can be so brave about them when I am extremely mouse-a-phobic. I can't even be in the same room with the deceased. Besides the CJ throwing the mouse out for me, the other coolest thing about the mouse in the house problem is that my dentist has offered to save me from any mice in the house. She happens to be one of my neighbors but how often can one hear their dentist say to them, in the dental office "Just call me and I will be more than happy to help you get rid of your dead mouse".

A great year and I look forward to having more, hopefully harder choices to make "best of" decision, in 2011.


  1. My problem with "Best Movie" is that I can never remember which year I first saw a movie. I keep track of the books in my blog sidebar, but movies just sort of slide by...
    Most of my favorites were animated ones, though. Despicable Me, Up, and Toy Story 3 all made me cry, and Up within the first 10 minutes.
    Deathly Hallows, of course, makes the list just due to being a Harry Potter movie...ha, I'm biased.

  2. This is my problem too: I have to remember the movies I saw!! Last year I decided not to post all movie reviews...just ones that seem to stand out, or if I just felt like it. I may try to be more proactive about blogging reviews this far I have.