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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Movies Galore

When TV is in rerun mode, I find other forms to entertain myself so I have a slew of movies to make comments on.

Good Hair - wow. Tim started this one and we became immediately focused on this documentary. It stars Chris Rock, but as I said, it is a documentary. Chris covers the business of "good hair" in the African-American community. I had no idea how big it is in the community, and by big, I mean 1) the importance of it to women and 2) how much money is made in this industry. If you care about the psychology of "cultures", this is an eye-opener. I loved it.

The Constant Gardener stars Ralph Fiennes, one of my favorite actors. I had heard about it years ago when it received movie nominations and accolades. I was expecting a romantic movie, which would be ideal with Ralph Fiennes. Instead, it ended up being a politically charged movie with Ralph Fiennes wife being killed in a conspiracy to cover up a pharmaceutical drug test operation. I didn't like it although it wasn't horrible.

The Quick and the Dead is a movie I had seen before but forgot all about it. $Bill recommended it to me after my review of Unforgiven. It was on Netflix instant so I thought "why not?" I don't remember hating it the first time I saw it and while I didn't hate it this time, I did think it was pretty cheesy. Sharon Stone acting as a traumautized cowgirl was not very appealing and seeing Leonardo DiCaprio so young was strange. Just not my cup of tea, this one.

Tombstone falls into my top ten all time favorite movies. I just love every bit of it. This movie has been seen by Tim and I over a dozen times and we just love it. Much like a few of our other favorites, quotes from this movie end up as part of the home dialect.

By far, Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday is one of the best characters ever played. He is amazing, cool, cocky, brilliant, and a loyal friend to Wyatt Earp. Two other fave characters are Billy Bob Thornton's portrayal of the saloon dealer: "I swear, it's like I'm playin' cards with my brother's kids or somethin'. You nerve-wrackin' sons-a-bitches" and Thomas Haden Church asking Doc Is that "Old Dog Trey? Sounds like "Old Dog Trey." as Doc plays "Frederic-fucking-Chopin".

Apocalypse Now - Can you believe I have never in my life seen this movie? Well I finally got to watch it and found it right up my alley. An "indie" type film...something probably way before its time. Could people from that era really appreciate the artistry behind this movie? :)

Despite the fact that I missed the entire climactic scene...the point of the entire movie:
Scene with water buffalo slaughter about to happen
me, covering my eyes: I can't watch this (side note: did see the documentary on the making of Apocalypse Now, Hearts of Darkness, and the slaughter of the water buffalo traumatized me forever); tell me when it's over.
Tim: OK
several minutes pass
Tim: OK, you can open your eyes.
me, opened my eyes and I see Kurtz dead and bloody: Um, what happened?
Tim: He macheted Kurtz while the water buffalo was getting slaughtered.
me: where did he get the machete?
Tim: from the boat
me: how did he get to the boat???!!!
Tim: he scene too, he was all sneaky and his head was just out of the water
me: :(

Finally, we watched The Social Network last night. I didn't think I would like it, even though I blogged about the commercial teasing me to watch it. Well, I was wrong. This movie is awesome. I loved it. Jesse Eisenberg, someone I've seen but knew nothing about, was freaking amazing. Who knew that a movie about the invention of Facebook would be so interesting, but it was.

Mark Zuckerberg and his best friend get together and build a website based on Facebook, apparently a book given out at many colleges with names and stats of students. The catch is that the idea also has roots with other people. The direction of this movie was made perfectly and Mark Zuckerberg is truly the star of this movie: a cocky, sarcastic, almost Asperger's-type individual, who invents one of the greatest technological product ever...mainly from a broken heart. EXCELLENT movie.

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  1. I really liked The Social Network too. I thought the guy who played Zuckerberg was great, and I also thought Justin Timberlake did a really nice job as the Napster founder. You need to watch the special on CNBC about Facebook. I'm sure they rerun it regularly. I just watched it a couple nights ago. It fascinating to see all the real people that were portrayed in the movie and how PERFECTLY they had all been cast. It was also really interesting to see the more factual history of the company since the movie took some creative liberties. Here is a blurb about it from the N&O.