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Monday, January 24, 2011

Mayhem in Mocksville

This past Saturday was CJ, and our, first venture into volleyball tournaments. We were all very excited, to say the least.

The tournament was in Mocksville, NC, a town a little over two hours west of Raleigh. We got up early and left at 5:15 AM to get there. All of us, except for Tim, of course, had a nice nap on the way.

We got to the high school, which is where the tournament was being held, a bit after 7 AM. I loved getting there early as I got to tour the facility before the mob hit.

We set up our chairs (well, Tim had to go grab two more for me and MiMi) in front of the court CJ's pool would be playing in and waited for the rest of the team to show up. It wasn't long before the place became completely packed. And while it seemed really crowded, there seemed to be a bit of comfort among all of "us" and the wallflower in me was OK with mingling with other parents, even outside of our team.

The first game they played they won. WOW. Unfortunately, they would lose the rest of the games that day. :( But most of the games were very close and by the end of the day, they were a wholly different team: they were kicking ass! It was so exciting and one of the most wonderful experiences I ever had.

Tim, MiMi and I took a lunch break during one of the rest times and had a nice burger at a local restaurant. This was located within their Historic Downtown. Look at the inside of this place. You don't get this kind of look and feel in a chain.
It was my first chance to get on wifi too (none available at the high school) and noticed comments back about my volleyball posts. I noticed one about the people of Mocksville being so nice and I couldn't have agreed more. We will be back in two weeks with another tournament and I look forward to it.

It was a long day. The tournament ended about 5:45 PM and if we had won more games, we would have been there longer playing. We made it back to Raleigh right before 7 PM to a house full of happy animals.

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