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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Black Swan

Finally. I got to watch this movie.

I had plans to see it the weekend it opened but MiMi ended up sick which sunk our plans.

Then I planned to see it while we were visiting my family in Arkansas but Tim got sick and that sunk my plan.

So then I decided I would see it while I'm on vacation - alone - this week. But Tim said he wanted to see it so...YAY! I finally got to see it.

Overall, it was good. It wasn't _great_ as I had expected. While dark, it edged on a cheesy "let's mimic the underlying theme" concept...which is more mainstream than unusual.

However, I found Natalie Portman to be amazing. I do love her and her movies...ever since Beautiful Girls, where she played a very young, beautiful girl who, IMO, stole the show. Then V for Vendetta? Another so-so movie but another scene-stealer in Miss Portman.

She did the same in Black Swan...playing a very fragile, meek, quiet, innocent girl who wants a lead role in Swan Lake. Watching Portman transform from the meek girl to the seductive Black Swan is amazing. I love actors who can play their roles without a's incredible...and so worth the price of the movie to see her.

Everyone else was really great too. I loved seeing Natalie with her man, and soon-to-be husband and father of their child, NY Ballet's principal dancer who not only choreographed Portman, but ends up in the scenes too.

The only issue I had was the gaps of explanations (or even clearer innuendos) as to what she was doing...was she nuts before trying out for Swan Lake? I mean, _that_ nuts? Just because you might scratch yourself does not mean you start seeing other people that don't really exist.

But the biggest disappointment was just the way it ended...realizing that at some point, her character Nina was living a parallel life to the characters in the ballet, which was just kind of dumb. It ended the same way an SNL skit portrays an overdramatic star dies in a role.

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