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Sunday, January 02, 2011

After Christmas Blizzard

Well, not really a blizzard but for someone like me, anything more than flurries is a blizzard.

December 26th was the day we were to start our trek to West Memphis, Arkansas, where both my parents live. Instead, Raleigh received its third snowfall of the month, with a predicted six inches.

Needless to say, we did not leave.

Instead, this is what I saw in the morning, through my windows in my warm home. This is our backyard. And this is just the beginning of the snowfall.

Since we were 'stuck' here, we thought it would be best to play in it. The only problem with that is three of the four humans of the home were sick. Fortunately, kids are resilient so they didn't mind romping around in the white stuff but the old man was stuck watching from the windows.

There were snowball fights. CJ made a snow fort and did a pretty good job creating a snowball armory. I am not sure why the girls think it's OK to gang up and pummel their mother but I was tough in battle.
There were snow angels to be made. Lots of them. It was pretty fun to see them just drop into the was easy and 'safe' for them to do it since the snow was so deep.

And the dogs enjoyed themselves...well, at least Brenna did. She went crazy in the snow, which is wonderful to watch. It's the same way she reacts to the beach.

We got Lucy out there but she didn't like it one bit. It doesn't help that the girls piled snow on top of her. Ricky has a bit more oomph in him so we got him to figure things out on his own...well, not really, Brenna helped a bit:

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