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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Spirit of Christmas

And it's not what you think...

Do not watch this video if you are religious, fear blasphemy, or faint at the drop of the f-bomb. If you are not familiar with South Park and are easily offended by The Simpson's (yes, the cartoon series), I recommend you skip this post all together.

This is one of my favorite South Park toons. If I remember correctly, it was one of the original 'episodes' of South Park, created as a video Christmas card. If you haven't seen it (and you've read this far with my warning above), then it is a must watch. If you have seen it, like me, it had to be years walk down memory lane with me and watch it again.

Here's the English version:

And for my Russian fans:


  1. I had a hard time watching that one with the Russian(?) overtop of it. This one was better.

  2. That's too funny. I thought I watched it too! I was trying to find a better version of the cartoon, as the one I had (which is the link you sent me) seemed too blurry. But hey - I always try to be I18N. :)