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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jolly Elf Trail Run Race Report

WE DID IT! CJ and I got our last qualifying race of the Grand Prix series in this morning. IT. WAS. COLD. Despite chilly temps for our last two races, this one was by far the coldest we have felt.

This time, I pre-registered, so race t-shirt was in. HOWEVER...more insanity with race set up. Let me complain and get it over with: we got to the race start, where there are lots of booths and such set up. I saw chip pick up but nothing with bibs or shirts. So I asked 'where do we pick up our bibs?' They pointed in the direction that was a good 4th of a mile away from the start. Seriously? So bib pick up is way the fuck over there and the start is way the fuck over here...

Now that I have my complaint out of the way...this was such a fun run! And despite the fact that our time (somewhere in the 9:32 mn/mile range...29-something) does not reflect how quickly we felt we were running, CJ and I found this to be one of our favorite races of the season.

The race weaved through Bond Park, which has a mixture of asphalt trails, but mostly the trails are through the wooded areas. I thought we would be falling down a lot (as I did a few weeks ago, during a lunch run with $Bill and Nancy) but we had no issues running through the woods. The worst part would be the "stairs" towards the end of the race: big long gaps, with wooden "steps" that went straight up. I almost started walking them but CJ was running past everyone who did I thought 'if she can run it, so can I'.

She did awesome. And when the finish came into view, it was a straight-away run toward it...and so she took off...and I tried my best to keep up...which I did pretty well.

We waited a bit to see the results, just to see how we did in this race, as well as in the series. Despite the fact that both of us were in fourth place within our age group for the entire series (I just found this out this morning, since I paid zero attention to my own placement since I was concentrating on CJ), we were outrun by the first three folks jockeying for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. So we are done for the season, with no prize, other than t-shirts and a satisfaction that we ran six races in three months and almost placed. :)

I had left CJ in the car to check out the results...I did walk away with prizes: candy, sausage-and-egg biscuits, and krispy kreme chocolate donuts. They had more food than people eating so they were like "take it with you!" So I did which made CJ and the rest of the family very happy.

The coolest thing was when CJ and I were looking for the bib pick up and I turned around and right smack in front of me was one of my FB pals Pauline. She had contacted me earlier in the week to give CJ her Turkey Trot shirt, since I whined about the fact that I was unable to get one for her. Seriously - was that kismet or what? Pauline said she was just getting her phone out to call me and there we were, staring at each other. CJ got her shirt and Pauline cinched her second place age group win. It was a great day for all.

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