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Friday, December 17, 2010

A Christmas Carol

Every year, the family and I go see Theatre in the Park's rendition of A Christmas Carol. This is Ira David Wood III's (a favorite Raleigh "celebrity") vision of Charles Dickens' classic novel.

This year, Ira David Wood III, would not be playing the role of Scrooge, the first time in its 35 year history. In November, IDWIII had open heart surgery. While we all love all the folks who put out this great show, IDWIII is the heart and soul of the production.

Instead, his son, the IV, stood in for him this year. And I must say, he was spot on. It was very difficult to distinguish him from his father: his mannerisms, his tone of voice, his enunciation of words - a brilliant copycat of his dad. If I wanted to point out a flaw it would only that he didn't attempt to put a bit of his own flair into the role. But I think this hometown would have had issues with it.

Nonetheless, the play is a wonderful tradition for us. IDWIII's production of this story is funny. Every year, there is some poke at something going on in the world...this year, bed bugs.

Sure. Some of the one-liners are repeats from the years before, but it's still a wonderful, fun show to watch and experience.

My co-worker mentioned that he knew a few of the musicians, specifically the bass guitar player. So I took MiMi with me and walked over to the pit (where the musicians play) and found two guitar players. I asked "which one of you is the bass player?" where two sets of curious eyes looked up at me and one man pointing to the other, while the other pointing to himself. We had a nice chat about how long they have been doing the show (about 20-some-odd years) and how well he knew my co-worker. I can't tell you how 'christmas spirity' that whole interaction was for me.

My other disappointment was not seeing IDWIII's daughter, Evan Rachel Wood. She was co-director of the production and I fully expected to see her SOMEWHERE...but alas, no luck. However, Ira David Wood III *did* walk across the stage during one part of the show, while his son stared at him in a weird, alternate world kind of way.

The very nice surprise was when the actors came to bow...and when Ira David Wood the IV came out? Without makeup? Wow. Or perhaps...YUMMMMMM...

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