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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Book Challenges

I love reading books but I especially love doing it as a "challenge". You know, like, how many can I read in a month, or how many can I check off a list. I prefer the latter as there's no way to tell how long it will take me to read a book. I like to take my time and absorb the story line.

I will continue the Harry Potter Challenge. I don't know if I'll make the July part two movie timeline but I do plan to attempt to get through book two in hopes of getting to book three, and then hopefully, it will be more appealing to me and I won't stop until the end. :)

Another book challenge I created on my own is to read the winners of the 2010 National Book Foundation. Those winners are the following:
Fiction: Lord of Misrule by Jaimy Gordon
Non-Fiction: Just Kids by Patti Smith
Young People Literature: MockingBird by Kathryn Erskine

There is a winner for Poetry - Lighthead by Terrance Hayes. This is on my optional list as I am not a big fan of poetry. I mean, I like _some_of it but to read an entire book on poetry is not very appealing.

I am eyeing some other book prize winners to add to my challenge but for now, this is my goal for 2011.

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