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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Age of Reason

I have mentioned before that I volunteer for a teen writing club. I am mainly the substitute now but I have made friends with a few of the teens who have been with the club for a while.

I try to keep up with Danny, Ezra and Olivia. I love reading their stories, songs and poems and especially, their blogs. They amaze me. And they give me hope. They inspire me.

I can blow off the conservative view for the most part...but when Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Fox News, and all the right-wing bullshit that I HATE gets quoted, applauded, and revered by other americans (disappointingly, by people I know), I think "what the fuck is wrong with our nation?" That is BULLSHIT and any intelligent person can see that what they say or do is WRONG. It leaves me bewildered.

But then I read this and I am thankful and hopeful that there are intelligent folks out there - the wave of our future - who are putting things into perspective. Thank you Ezra, for posting this article:

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