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Wednesday, November 03, 2010


I truly enjoyed President Barack Obama's appearance on the Jon Stewart show this past week. I have to say I was extremely impressed and inspired by this particular interview. If you haven't seen it, you should. You can see it here.

Unfortunately, it didn't help this "balance of power" that was on the plate for this past election. It truly felt like today was like the day after dubya was elected for the second time. I remember that day clearly, listening to WKNC 88.1 play "Imagine", A Perfect Circle's version of John Lennon's beautiful ballad. It was 100% appropriate for one of the worst political events to occur in my lifetime.

I certainly wouldn't consider today, the day after the elections, one of the worst days...just disheartening. Just when I am led to believe that our country actually has some intelligence, an allegiance to making this nation *not* divided by rich, white, homophobic-but-god-fearing men (with their stereotypical women and children who choose to follow rather than think for themselves) who judge people of any class below their own, I am dealt a slap in the face by the overall votes across the country.

But Alas! Technology. On top of finding out the nation sucks, there is the awful recognition of which of your facebook friends actually think wrongly too.


  1. Cheer up. At least Christine O'Donnell wasn't elected!


  2. Yes Meg. Good way to point out the positives. :)

  3. As some people chanted at the Rally To Restore Sanity..."Three word phrase! Three word phrase!"

    I don't know...I don't have anything useful to contribute...