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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Free to Breath 5K Race Report

I did this race last year and liked the course. The second mile is entirely downhill, so one can make an amazing mile with that leg.

I remember doing that race all by my lonesome. No running buddies, no family members. Just me, myself and I. This year, I had CJ. Let me tell you: it is a lot of fun running with her, as there is no pressure that I put on myself *and* I have someone (family) running with me.

Earlier in the morning, I had walked Dumb and Dumber (aka Ricky and Lucy) and it felt really nice outside. I told CJ that it wasn't that bad outside. Well, it was when we got to Centennial Park. The wind was whipping us around and just chilling us to the bone.

We had to get there by 9 to register. I hadn't pre-registered so I had until 9 to register for the race. One of my pet peeves about race organizations? The micro-managing.

There's a big sign that says "Race Day Registration". I get in that line only to have someone say 'if you are registering, you have to got to _that_ table and fill out a form, then get in this line'.


We go to the table and fill out the little registration form, then get back in the line.

"Are you recreational or competitive?"
"You have to go into _that_ line."
They hand out the shirts and our bib numbers and then? "Go to _that_ line for your chip."

Seriously. That is a little much and not the least bit annoying.

CJ is freezing. I'm not as cold as her but I used to be. This year, my blood has warmed up a bit and I can handle the cold better than I ever had before. Too bad I don't run with $Bill and Frank as much, or they would be running agog at the sight of me in cold weather. :)

Anyhoo. We line up but I notice no one is lining up. WTF? Then I overhear someone say the race starts at 9:30. Duh. I knew that. Just forgot since I was rushing to get there to register.

So we walked back to the car and sat in the heat for a bit. I took a picture of CJ just soaking in the heat from a vent only to have her DEMAND that I not send it to facebook. Geez.

Next, we make it to the start line and I see Frank and we chat a bit. And then we are off. The first mile we hit around 9:52. It is entirely uphill so I thought that wasn't too bad but CJ was breathing pretty hard. I told her that we would soon be going down.

I really felt like I didn't push her very hard during the Autism run; maybe even went a little too easy. So I wanted to push a bit more but man, it is difficult to assess how far to go.

When we made it to the downhill part, I told her that this would be a good spot to really push the pace and make up a lot of time. But I couldn't get her to go very much faster and I could see in her face that we were hitting her max. I felt like it was a trot, though and I tried really hard to balance the trot to a pace.

Passing the second mile mark I heard the time called out at 16:50-something. I knew that it was a short mile because there was no way we had increased our pace that much. It wasn't until we turned back into Centennial Campus that my watch even dinged for the second mile and then, at that point, there was a sign that said we had a 1/2 mile to go.

No one was turning left at the spot that I remembered running last year...we were all directed straight to the finish. At the three mile mark, the guy yelled out 26-something so I just told CJ to book it to the finish, even though she was dying. But she booked FAST so she had a lot in the tank as I booked to keep up with her. We finished in the 26s but we were a good 1/2 mile from 3.1 miles.

I didn't care as it worked out well for CJ. :)

Afterward, I treated her to two Krispy Kreme donuts and I stopped at Oakwood Cafe for eggs, grits and bacon. It was there that I found out, after much questioning, that CJ was not happy with me and felt that I was running too fast.

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