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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We watched this past weekend's SNL last night and I fell in love. Well, I've already been in love with Anne Hathaway. She is an adorable, gifted actress, IMO.

But the special guest artist was Florence and the Machine and I was like: who the heck is that?

But once she sang, I remembered.

I first heard/saw Florence on the MTV Awards and I thought: seriously? The youth of America digs this? It's *so* not what I consider popular music. And I loved it.

The SNL performance of Dog Days are Over is so amazing. Her backup dancers are 'dressed' so that they contrast to her colorful red hair. It is quite artistic, as in a beautiful moving painting. They look like they are in a different film type (sepia) than her...and of course, she sounds incredible. And those legs of hers? I want them...

Her second performance is just as beautiful, if not more subdued:

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