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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Clubbin' It

Yesterday was "Club" day at CJ's volleyball club. That entails: uniform fitting and giving out practice shirts. This was the most exciting aspects for CJ, with regard to Club Day.

The other parts of Club Day, that Tim and I were fascinated by were jump 'testing' and core & strength training. These people mean business!

CJ got there with her statuesque BFF "R" (who is actually 5' 10 *1/2*"; I'd been telling folks she is 5'10" and started thinking 'that can't be right!' but R's mom confirmed it for me yesterday). R had her birthday the night before and had the Harry-Potter-movie@midnight sleepover. We got there a bit later, in tow with laptops, crayons, books, coloring book...and that was just my stash.

We got there in time to see CJ and R to see how high their reach is, how high they can jump straight up, and then how to run and jump. I couldn't see the actual number of far up CJ could jump (they use a vertex device to measure this) but it looked impressive for my 'little' girl.

The vertex is a pole like thing that has a bunch of metal flags that rotate. The idea is to jump as high as possible to push the flags out of the way. Once you can no longer reach a flag, you have the maximum height that you can jump (thus far).

I would later find out it was 8'11".

But R was next, and remember, she is 5'10 1/2". The vertex 'measurer' moved most of the flags aside. I mean, I thought "seriously"? You expect her to jump higher than that? And she did - whole lot higher. In the end, she had maybe six flags left standing. I don't know what that measured up to but it is *a lot*.

The teams then ended up in a core/strength session with an outfit from Greensboro. For those of us who have done Interval Training at work, this is almost exactly what they did yesterday...all the variations of it. I was so psyched to think that I have endured such painful-but-satisfying workouts, and now my daughter was going through it.

They did awesome - the girls and the trainers. I am just so fricking amazed at the entire program: the amount of cross-training and nutritional counseling that comes with this. They mean to win. :)

And CJ has improved ten fold from day one of tryouts. She has gone back to the gym for another tryout date for the girls that missed the original tryouts as a representative of the team.

Then last weekend we were there for "open" gym time for her team. I was just amazed at her playing ability. She has one of the most picture perfect run-n-jump forms ever. And yes, I am biased but I am also one of the most critical. :)

Last night, CJ was busy reviewing the 'cheat sheet' that the trainers gave her and wrote out her game plan. She told Tim and I "i have to drink more water". Um, duh. We have been telling her that for ages but, as usual, it has to come from a source that is not her parent.

She asked me how long it was to walk to the bridge (a landmark in our hood) and back. I measured it out and it ended up a 1/4 mile to, which ends up being a 1/2 mile. She was outlining her cross-training plan at home.

Wow. This volleyball thing was my thing: pushing her to play. Doing the grunt work in getting her in clinics and eventually, the club. She did so very robotic-ally. There were very few times that I thought "am i being pushy about this?" I emphasize "few times" as I as okay with being a pushy mom about this as Tim and I believe it is a vital to young people to be involved in sports; girls more so, IMHO.

But I can give up the reigns and hand over this to CJ. She earned it and she now owns it. Volleyball is her thing and I am just there to support her.

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