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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Triangle Run/Walk for Autism 5K Race Report

This is the third race in the Second Empire Grand Prix series, although this is my second race. I skipped Anna's Angels 10 miler thinking I would be running a half the following weekend...that didn't work out so well...

I decided after my failed out of town race that I would run this 5K, and the series, with CJ. She had expressed a bit of anxiety about running this 5K. I know she can do it but running solo for one mile vs. 3.1 for her is very different. I wasn't too sure I was comfortable with the idea of her running alone for a 5K. She's done two or three 5Ks but always with a friend.

It was the best thing I ever did.

We started, in silence (she's not a talker and worse when anxious), after hanging out with the Brittany at the start line. My goal for her for this race was: 1 - enjoy the run and 2 - run as much as possible; hopefully, the whole thing.

I told her not to feel compelled to keep up with all the folks who were racing for a position in the beginning. "We will soon pass them when they bonk and start walking". Sure enough, barely a half mile into the race, we were already passing people who were craving for air.

Then the fun began: one guy passed us and we heard him approaching...CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP! Heavy feet just hitting the ground with such force. It was as if he just couldn't control gravity and he thudded to the ground with each step. This made CJ laugh and I knew we were starting off really well.

Shortly after the clomper came another guy who was a heavy breather. He would pass us, then we would pass him, and so on. CJ said something like "so this is what is going to be like..." hearing him throughout the race. We finally passed him and was done with him for the race but we spent enough time for CJ to nickname him the "human bullhorn".

The scenery was nice. This race, I believe, has been modified from last year...I could be very wrong, but I don't recall parts of this run.

BTW, when I ran this race last year? I ran with either a soon-to-be fractured foot *or* a very fractured foot. It was not a great race for me.

So the parts that are new, or that I just don't remember, were very beautiful. I like the city so beauty to me might be different than (the figuratively) you.

There were "row" houses built - simple two story homes - that lined up both sides of Blount Street that sat very, very close to railroad tracks. I loved it. I wouldn't LIVE there but it was an unusual sight to see (for me).

We ran to the end of Blount then turned a bit to head back to the finish on Mordecai/Person Street. This was, again, a nice neighborhood to look at, the 1950s homes scattered about. I imagined myself in the neighborhood. We passed by a cute house for sale and I asked CJ "would you live there?" And she replied "If I lived alone with my dog, I would."

I asked her periodically how she was doing and she said the pace was fine. In hindsight, I may have underplayed it and had us going at a conservative pace. I was just concerned about her getting through the run without too much pain.

Right around the spot that Mordecai Drive turns into Person Street is where we encountered the funniest dude ever. He raced, SPRINTED AT MAXIMUM SPEED, past us, then proceeded with a HARD stop. We had to veer around him. And at the top of his lungs, after a few dramatic gasps for breath, he yelled AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS "I CAN'T!!!! I CAN'T!!!!"

CJ and I looked at each other like WTF? And just started laughing...

This continued for at least five times: run as fast as hell past us, hard stop, screaming I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE! I CAN'T!!

He looked like he would soon collapse and need medical attention. Or that he just raced for four hours and he was at the end, vs. being barely 20 minutes into a race.

We finally lost him since he "couldn't go on" and I told CJ - we are close to the end. Once we can see the finish, you should sprint as fast as you can. It's going to hurt but that's OK because you'll be finished. :) The emoticon represents how I felt saying it.

So we were about half a mile away? when we saw the finish line. I said "You ready to sprint?" and she was like 'no, i want to get closer.' Oh my. That is *so* me. My poor CJ...

So when I saw the 1/4 mile sign left to go, I told her, 'OK - take off when you get to that sign'. Then we had about a 20 second discussion about what sign I was referring to. But once she got to the the sign, she took off. I mean TOOK OFF. I was like WTF trying to keep up with her. She SMOKED ME. I heard Tim cheer her on and when we were finally done, I saw her face. She had used up every last bit of adrenaline she had. We had to sit and let everything settle for a minute. That is DEFINITELY not me...

Her time was 31:13 gun/31:26 chip. I am pretty sure this is a PR for her as the other 5Ks were recreational *and* a lot of walking. This time, she ran the entire race. I was extremely proud of her and hope that the next race we will break 30.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this - I could imagine the scene as you and CJ discuss which sign, then her taking off at 1/4 mile. I imagine she was trying to mislead you with all that discussion. Anyway, I love reading about the races you do with your kids. I can't wait till mine are grown enough to run with me (not that I'm doing any running now - but I hope to start doing it again some day).