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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Read and Process

Thursday's Amazing Race adventure was a really good one. It would have been better if Tim and I would STOP. READ. READ AGAIN. Then PROCESS THE MEANING OF THE WORDS.

Instead, we hurriedly read the clue and assume the nature of it based on a few keywords. This was our demise, with a handful of other teams, this past Thursday.

We started near what is now called the "UARGE" tree (this is from Domino's error in one clue during leg #6). Every one had their brick from last Tuesday's race; a few others still had their cup filled with sand. It was funny how we hold on to every single piece of our props. We all have taken this race *very seriously* in a fun way. :)

Our first clue was to go through the obstacle course, in the field where Ultimate is played. It looked exactly like what they do to train agility dogs. We all did very well getting through the tunnels, even though the guys seemed to get stuck.

Next was a road block where Tim chose to run to GX with our brick, while I ran around the softball field bases while I waited for him. We had to do this bare footed (bare feet?). I would later hear about some of the guys, including Tim, who strained their legs running across the concrete in bare feet.

Once that was done, the next task was to throw a softball into a hula hoop, that was situated on the ground several feet away. Tim did this fairly quickly and then, the next clue was a doozy to comprehend. I won't remember it well but essentially the clue read something like:

Go to the tobacco house near Jim Goodnight's house.
Pace yourself. Tie your shoes.
Read only below this line
Ask the instructor for directions
Ignore everything else.

Then there was fine print that said something like: go to the overflow parking at building S.

So in front of us, I saw at least two teams run towards the tobacco house and only one other team that ran towards building S. I never read the entire clue; Tim said we needed to go to building S's overflow parking. We got there and paired up with Abbie and Allison, who read the building S clue. We ran all over the parking area, behind the building, in front of it, trying to figure out what was going on. At one point, as Tim and I were going between lots - down a hill - I slipped and FELL on my arse. No, I wasn't banged up but I had pine needles stuck in my ass. Tim was not at all sympathetic: You hurt? Come ON!

Eventually, we met up with Ken and Eric and Eric decided it would be best to go back to the clue and figure out what it was saying. The idea of running back to the softball field, and most likely, end up back at the S lot was not very appealing. But we had no idea where to find our next clue.

So we ran back to Jordan, where he held the clue out. Finally, after reading it a couple more times, I asked Jordan "Do you have directions?" To which he flipped the clue to show us the directions to the next clue, which was going to GA. Shit. Shit. Shit. Why didn't we figure that out??

So off we go to GA and our next task was a lot of fun: first, we had to get our picture taken in disco man/woman cutouts. Then we had to follow the instructions to do 70s dance steps. Amazing, I remembered all the steps from Dance Fever and we sailed through the steps fairly easy and quickly. Next clue: I have no idea. I just know it had something to do with finding a tree in the woods which had the clue to the next pit stop, which ended up being within the hedges of building I.

We got there and found out we were team #10. FUCK. Team number 10. We moved NOWHERE.

While I enjoyed the aspects of the creativeness of the race, Tim was pissed. He does not like to lose. Not that I do but WTF. We have to do better at reading and PROCESSING THE MEANING OF THE WORDS OF THE CLUE next time.

In between the time that we made it to 10th place and a quick lunch at the RFC, Domino came in to let us know that we ended up in 11th place, since he 'forgot' to write the correct number for one of the teams. Greeeaaat. We lost a place doing nothing.

We have three more legs before the finale, which ends up with only three teams.

I *really* want to be one of those three teams.

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