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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pick Up Your Ball from Where You Dropped It

...or something like that...

That was on the second to last clue in today's Amazing Race leg. I don't remember it. I am just paraphrasing what I heard from another team.

Our first task was to run up the hill to GX and remain quiet. I didn't figure out what the clue was; I only saw Charles "shhhh" me and walk into the side door of GX and we saw Jenna passing out big balls.

From there, we needed to bring the ball to the soccer field. At the soccer field, we had to walk around the entire field, with the ball between us. FYI: the circumference of the field is 1/3 of a mile.

Tim walked backwards while I pushed the ball into him. I kept stepping on his toes. The scary part of this task is, if we drop the ball, we have to start all over. Did I already mention it is 1/3 of a mile??? I did not want to start over...

We took teeny steps and Tim kept stepping into the grass, which would freak me out. But he was calm and just kept telling me to push the ball into him, so I did. It seemed to take forever. We only passed one team.

At the end of that task, the next task was to pick a spot on the field and putt teeny wiffle balls (the size of golf balls) into hula hoops lying on the ground. The closer the hoop was to the putt, the more balls one had to putt into it. We waited to putt two balls into the furtherst hoop, only to see an opening at the closest hoop, which required six balls to land within it. We did it and got the next clue...

...which had the title in it somewhere. We missed it entirely as all we read was Crunchy or Prickly. We picked prickly which was basically picking a clue from the holly bushes near the healthcare center. I noticed the team ahead of us carrying their ball and I thought "shit...we forgot ours!"

So after getting the next clue, which was to drop our ball back where we got it (building GX) and head to the pit stop, we ran back to the soccer field and retrieved a ball. This was frustrating enough without having Tom laugh at us for not reading the clue well. :)

We raced back to GX with our ball then made it to the pit stop. Team number seven. Sigh. Yes. It's better than 11th. But damn. It still doesn't feel _that_ great.

Two more legs to go. Next Tuesday is the race to the finale.

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