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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Not Ever Again

I have a superstition not to use the word "never" in a sentence. This superstition is based on past events, so I have my reasons!!


I vow *not to ever* sign up for a race that is out of town.

I never make them. OK. In this case, "never" works because it has actually happened. I have never made an out-of-town race.

I was supposed to run the Freedom Run Half Marathon this past Saturday. Instead, I was at the beaches of Wilmington. A great weekend, BTW, but not the intended itinerary.

What happened? I procrastinated.

Our new pups are not travel-ready. They yip-yip a lot. They still aren't 100% potty-trained. They are just seven months old, so they are still very much *puppies*.

We had them booked for a kennel starting this past Friday. In order to go into a kennel, we have to provide proof of vaccinations. This is where my fuck up begins.

I waited until Friday to look for the records only to find that I really don't have official documentation.

I had a hand-written note of the last shots the pups had from the foster mom. The rabies tags? Have no clue where they are. We have them. They are just in some container somewhere in this house.

I called our vet to find out if she could tell me what vaccinations she gave them when she came here. I thought for sure we had gotten kennel cough for them.

Nope. She only gave a basic exam. No shots. Nothing.

I called the rescue group we adopted the dogs from. I still haven't received a return call from them.

I emailed the foster mom who told me the following day that she would get that information for me.

But I needed everything FRIDAY or the trip was a bust.

Our vet did say she would be happy to come by at 3PM to give the kennel cough. This was at noon and this meant we wouldn't be leaving Raleigh for West Virginia (where the race was) until after 4, as we still had to go east to drop the pups off at the "farm". It would then be a six hour drive.

It was around 1PM, looking at my children's faces of bummness that I told Tim "well, I think we should scrub the race plans". I didn't want Tim driving six hours into the night, to get to the hotel at close to midnight and then me trying to sleep to get up for a 13.1 mile race. I just was covered in guilt already. It just wasn't fair since I screwed the whole thing up.

But Tim, thankfully, was with good sense and said "well, if we get it done in time, we can just head somewhere the beach". The bummy-fied faces on my children quickly turned to excitement. They had been looking forward to the trip, as Tim and I were...for different reasons.

It wasn't easy though, and it was just as frantic as my days seem to always be.

The vet couldn't come until 3:30. When she came, she did the full exam and gave them all the shots they needed. She was there until 4:20. The kennel closes at 5 for dropping dogs off.

We scramble into the van and head off east, past Zebulon and get there at 5:10. Drop the pups off and we head to...where?

We had no real plans. We had no time to book a place. We didn't know where to even book a place. We had still one more dog and a cat in the car, plus two bobbleheads.

So we just drove to Wilmington. We had been there before with Brenna, so there was at least one hotel that would take our dog.

And in the end, it all worked out well. We found a place. We went to the beach with the bobbleheads and Brenna, and all had a blast. We got to see my friends Ed, Karyn, and $Bill, who coincidentally, rode their bikes from Raleigh to Wilmington that Saturday.

But I just suck at planning my race trips. Or making them. I have cursed myself.

I was supposed to run a half marathon last December outside of Raleigh. Instead, I was recovering from a fractured foot. A problem I waited until the last minute to check out.

I was supposed to run a half marathon in Disney years ago. I was recovering from a miscarriage.

I was supposed to run a marathon in DC. I moved into this house the day before the marathon.

I was supposed to run the New York marathon...twice. The first year I got in, I decided to do the Marine Corp Marathon (see above sentence). The second year I was in, I have no idea why I didn't do it but I paid for it TWICE only to not do it either time.

I did run the White Lake half once but only because Tim was doing it too.

However, we have made all of Tim's races: Virginia Beach, White Lake (twice), Disney.

So. That's it. Local races only. I am sick of it. It is over.

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  1. They sound like good excuses, honestly, except the 2nd year of the NY one where you don't know why you didn't do it. But those others, that is some unfortunate timing for many things. Give yourself a break!