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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A New Game

A few weeks ago, out of annoyance and frustration, I created a new game within the car, which led to the demise of the classic game "Punch Buggy, No Punch Back".

I hate that game. Inevitably, the punches end up being harder than they should...and that's on me. Imagine if you are 12 or 7 and that boney arm gets jabbed.

But on top of the punch is the sheer excitement, or panic, of trying to be the first one to get that punch in upon first sight of a VW bug. It is frenzied and chaotic and it was like that when I called an end to this game.

Our trip to Wilmington a few weeks ago ended that game, when MiMi and CJ tried their disorganized way of getting to the other first and then? CJ punched MiMi in the mouth. Lots of tears, a stunned apology, and a lot of yelling from MOI about how dumb the game was in the first place.

About 10 minutes later, in my irritable mood, said, no, DEMANDED that the game cease and now, we can only cluck when we see a VW bug. I don't know where that came from and soon after, we all broke out in laughter; me in tears. "Cluck"? For a bug?

But weeks later, it has continued. And it still cracks the hell out of me when I hear someone do it.

And I have since made the game even more fun: a nickel for every cluck at a bug. MiMi has set aside a cluck jar for just that reason.

I haven't ruled out the fact that, in some twisted way, these girls will still manage to turn it into a chaotic mess of a game. But for now, CLUCK CLUCK.


  1. ours is "yellow car, gimme a dollar" any time you see a yellow car you yell that phrase, and others in car need to give the one that called it an imaginary "dollar", which really is a "high five". Rules include: other person needs to also see the "yellow car", and "working" trucks, yellow DOT trucks, yellow school buses, and yellow taxis DO NOT COUNT (has to be a private vehicle). Also. yellow VWs pay 2 dollars, and yellow motorcycles pay 5 dollars. Lots of fun.

  2. We play "Cows." The original rules were 1 point for a herd of cows, 1 for an individual horse, and if you call a cemetery first everyone else gets reset to zero, but since then we've added that a herd of deer is 5, llamas and alpaka are 5 each, and a zebra wins. The only one we haven't seen is a zebra.