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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Much Better

Today was leg #8 of our Amazing Race adventure. And it was a relief after the last two mind-boggling legs.

First, we were given a copy of a gnat picture that had "bug a bus e um", which is precisely what most of us thought the last line of last Tuesday's clue stood for.

Yes. Our answers made no sense. But neither did Domino's attempt to not be "obvious" with his cluess The actual clue translates to "Look four tubes @ (shift+9) gnat a tour - e UM". IOW: Look for tubes at natatorium.

Yeah. No one figured it out. Just some were smart enough to go towards the pool to see that the next task was there.

None of that took place today, thank buddha.

The first clue (we were in a three-way tie for 12th place, those of us who gave up) was to go to the Research Drive gate for our next task, which included exercises we must do. Tim and I took off and at that time, my legs felt great.

Oh. And during this clue we had to carry a brick around. The brick was to be earned from last week's task, that the three of us never did. Tim carried the brick.

The first task required us to do 10 sit ups each, as one held each other's feet. Then it was five full military-style push-ups, then ending with 10 mountain climbers on a four count.


Off we are to our next clue with a cup in hand, which was to find an orange bucket around the rec center. We were thrown off by the fine print on the clue that said something about receiving a discount by helping friends.

In the end that didn't mean anything. The orange bucket was near trees between the tennis courts and the putting green. We had to fill the cup up with sand, then head to 'the little house behind W', along with our brick.

Once we got there (who knew there was a little chapel looking house behind building W?), we had to do 100 jumping jacks and count out loud. When we were done with that, we got a piece of rope and the clue to our next destination, which was to the soccer field.

At the soccer field, Domino put the string through our brick so that there were handles on either side of the brick - Tim holding one end, me holding the other, with a cup of sand on top of the brick. We had to walk to the four soccer goals to read the clues to the pit stop, without spilling the sand. If we spilled the sand, then we would have to go re-fill the cup with sand. The thought of this just had me panicked about spilling the sand...

We made it and before we could figure out where the pit stop was, a couple of teams who had finished told us where to go. 'DEER'. To the deer, the sculptures of deer nearby that we still had to continue with our sand balanced on the brick.

We made it. No penalties. No fuck ups. Ninth place.

A much, much nicer, less frustrating hour for us.

Thank you Domino.

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