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Monday, October 25, 2010

I Would Like to Thank the Academy...

That is how I felt after CJ made it on to a volleyball team. I was on cloud 9. I told her that I thought I was happier than she was, and she was pretty darn happy.

I was so thrilled for CJ because she had worked so hard to earn a spot.

After not making the middle school volleyball team, I looked into club volleyball and mentioned it to her. She was determined to do this, as vengeance against the middle school VB coach.

As I mentioned, CJ loved NC Elite; yesterday was the second and last day of tryouts. This time, there were only the 13 year old age bracket trying out, so there far less girls at tryout...but still a lot: 29. I counted so I could figure out if CJ had a chance to get on a team. Two teams of 10 players each still left nine girls out...although some would be 'trying out' for VolleyU.

I knew her BFF had already had an offer. Her BFF, "R", is 5'10". You read correctly, R is 12 years old and 5'10". Her mom is just as tall and CJ and I look like midgets standing next to them. I get neck pains talking to them.

I prepared CJ for was possible that R would get on but she would not. And I gave her a scenario to decide upon: Elite does not offer you a spot on the team, but United does. She said 'well i guess i would just take the spot at United'. And yes, her tone was less than enthusiastic.

CJ has worked very hard the past couple of weeks. Every day she has been practicing her volleyball skills. On her own. I get home from work and she will run from the backyard to greet me, breathless, with her volleyball in hand.

Yesterday, Tim worked with her more on her serves, hits and sets. At the tryouts, she worked hard honing the techniques that the coaches explained to them/her. It was hard to watch: seeing any mistakes/failures and cringing, but going bonkers when she hit something just right. We were clapping on the sidelines. So much for trying to stay out of the picture...

As 5:30 approached yesterday afternoon, I wanted to know what was going on. Tim loved what he was seeing, in terms of the coaching, the attitude of the coaches *and* the girls trying out and he was pretty set on having CJ go here. They are impressive, to say the least. But that meant considering VolleyU and foregoing any idea of a team at United. We would let CJ decide.

Then I saw the coach for the 13 year old regional team pull a girl aside. She introduced herself, then another coach, and started talking to the girl who ended up beaming with a smile. OMG. She is making that girl an offer! I say to Tim, jabbing him in the side to show him what I was seeing.

I was so jealous. I watched the beaming girl walk back into the play of games and just thought about how excited she feels...when suddenly R's mom is slapping me on the arm. My initial reaction is: they must have pulled R aside to tell her and I look over and became dazed and confused...the coach had pulled CJ aside and was doing the same thing: introducing herself, the other coach, and talking.

I didn't want to get excited. Maybe she is telling her something else. CJ could be a great poker player as she never beamed, but looked pleased as pie that only Tim and I could see. And then she went back onto the courts.

I went to R's mom: do you know what she said??? What did she say to the first girl (since R's mom was within earshot of the conversation with the first girl)? "She made that girl an offer!" OMG. Did she make CJ an offer too????

I was so excited but I also didn't want to be disappointed. Did I mention that this is about me and not CJ??? :)

They finally broke and CJ came over and said "they made me an offer on the regional team." Just like that. No screaming, jumping up and down, nothing. Just a gentle smile of happiness.

Of course, she reminded me that I now owe her volleyball shoes because she made a team. It was something I said a year ago, as the "carrot" to get her to try out for the middle school VB team, then club VB.

This morning, she came in to say good morning (as I lay finishing up my spooky book club choice). I asked if she slept well and she said yes, but then said not really. She said Saturday night she couldn't sleep because she was so excited about going back to NC Elite tryouts. And then last night was excited because she would see R tomorrow and they would be excited about being on the team together.

During tryouts, the girls had been working hard on drills. They are all focused. There is no giggling, standing around gossiping. Every one of these girls are true, serious athletes, hungering to do the drill correctly. If they fail, they start over and try again. No tears, no stomping of feet (as I do), no moping. Just determination do try again and hope to do better. It was truly amazing and inspirational.

R and CJ were separated early on into different groups. These are not chosen groups, it's just how they became dispersed 'naturally'. There is no time for either one of them to chat and hang out during tryouts...but at one point, as R hustled back to her court to work on the next set of drills, she patted CJ on the back as she passed her by. I almost cried. It was such a tender thing for her to do...CJ was in the midst of her drill when R did it. It was like "good work/you are doing great/you're my BFF/we are working hard" all in that one pat.

I'm gonna need to bring some tissues to these games...


  1. No, if you mean the jesus van. :) The jesus van was at the other place, which was abandoned after we got word that she made this team. So no picture of those crazy bumper stickers!