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Friday, October 29, 2010

I Love Volleyball!

Yesterday I received a call from CJ's new VB coach about the paperwork coming my way. She mentioned that there was a supplemental tryout for girls who couldn't make the initial days and that she would love CJ to come out and represent the team, practice with them, and also, it provides an opportunity to get to know the coaches.

It was a last minute decision but all of us, as tired as we were (and we are all pretty exhausted this week), we headed out for more volleyball.

After fighting quitting time traffic, we made it with two minutes to spare and CJ was back out on the VB floor, ready to play. It was really nice to be there without the stress of "will she make the team?"

MiMi was very resistant about going. She had complained about her legs hurting (each leg, a different area) only to do flips, roll around, and jump up-and-down in between the times she complained. I told her to bring a blanket and pillow and she could take a nap. This was a ruse on my part.

When we got there, we sat at the bleachers and MiMi immediately asked "where are you going to set up my bed so I can take a nap?" I set up a really comfy place on the bleachers...she was lying there reading a book as though it were her own bed...

There were a good four different groups of girls out there: CJ's age group; a 14 year old group; some high school girls? and some even older looking girls (college?). The high school girls? (or maybe they were college) were freaking insane. I was so caught up in watching them practice. There were only four on each side and they played AMAZINGLY. I gasped at every ball they got to, the blocks they did, everything. I was just mesmerized by the quality of their game. The coaching was amazing - he had them constantly moving. It's a wonderful sight to see a coach not only working someone hard, but motivating them at the same time.

I looked over at CJ's much younger group and thought: that's what they are going to be doing in a few years. But even though they are young, they had the same determination that the older girls had. They are like young fawns learning how to walk on those stickly legs but they are going to get there.

And at the end? I saw CJ hit a beautiful angled ball across the net. WTF? Was that just my girl? I saw some of the other girls high five her and when she came back for a drink of water, I said "nice hit" and got a shy grin of appreciation from her.

Later, she would tell me it was out but I told her it didn't matter. She looked picture perfect: her legs were behind her as she jumped high enough that I could see the top of her head over the net. I asked her "did that feel good?" and she nodded with that cheshire grin of hers.

MiMi got over the nap time as Tim and I took her to a very remote area of the gym and bumped the ball to her. I see that she will be my next volleyball star as she did excellent for 7. CJ and her gal pals had played with her previously so she apparently has had good teachers. MiMi ended the evening with "I didn't want to go but I am so glad I did because I got to play volleyball".

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