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Saturday, September 04, 2010


This title is an ironic ode to one of my favorite comedians, Robert Schimmel. It is the title of one of his stand-up specials on HBO. I found out this morning, from a Doug Stanhope tweet, that Schimmel had died. I would later read that it wasn't from the cancer that had got to him a few years ago, after a heart attack that is largely addressed humorously in Unprotected, but from injuries he suffered from an accident.

We saw Schimmel at Goodnight's a couple of times and I remember being awed that I was seeing this man in person. He is truly one of the funniest comedians I have followed.

And I follow quite a few. Thanks to HBO, I was introduced to many. I remember Bill Cosby's stand-up as a teen and then one day - and I can remember it somewhat vividly - I was watching HBO in my parent's room and Eddie Murphy's Delirious came on. I found heaven and while Cosby rocked, the stuff that Murphy said that made me laugh? OMG. Talk about crossing the line.

Shortly after high school, I briefly dated a pretty conservative guy. One of our first dates was to see Raw, another stand-up routine from Eddie Murphy but this one was for theaters. This was a turning point for me, in hindsight, that 1) I love crass-y, nasty humor and 2) not everyone else does. While I was in tears laughing about his descriptions of shit (literally), my date was shifting uncomfortably in his chair.

Schimmel falls into that category. He is nasty but man, he is funny as hell. I think I'll have to watch my copy of Unprotected again this weekend and have a toast to one funny mother-fucking guy. Here's a nice compilation of some of his funny stuff from

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