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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Try Hard, Lose, then Try Harder

Today we found out that CJ did *not* make the middle school volleyball team. Not only did she NOT make it, she didn't make the first cut. Today was the announcement of who made the first cut, then Friday the full team announcement would be made.

She was extremely disappointed. And so was I. And so was Tim.

We weren't disappointed in her but disappointed in the outcome. Pissed really. I wanted to punch the "coach" and Tim wanted to have a "talk" with him. But of course, that is not what we did. :)

She really tried her best.

She took volleyball lessons with the city of Raleigh last Spring.

Then she did a summer camp of volleyball with the town of Cary.

She did tryouts on Monday and Tuesday, doing a lot of drills and a few volleyball skills of bumping, serving, and passing. She felt she did pretty good. The coach told her she had a good toss.

But that just wasn't enough to get her in the first cut.

She was so so sad. So what does a parent do?

I came home early, gave her a big hug, told her "Come on. We're going for ice cream." So we went to Fresh in Raleigh for good homemade, local ice cream. My usual not-so-revealing-of-emotions daughter let me have it: her frustration with who was chosen and not, and the lamest coach (which looks like a middle school kid, I might add) in the entire world.

Tim suggested we go to Outback for dinner, CJ's favorite place. What better way than to drown your sorrows by having a big juicy steak? Unless, of course, you are a vegetarian. She complained some more, talked of her vengeance (play for another team and show him "see what I have become?!") and overall, seemed to be no worse for the wear.

She still has to see the little bastard; he's her PE coach.

So the next step? Find a volleyball team for her to play on. We have some options. But, as Tim told her, the worst thing she could do is to give up something she enjoys doing.

And I told her, after leaving Outback happy-as-clams, that the next time we do something like that, it will be in celebration.

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  1. Awww.
    Fortunately, stuff like ice cream definitely helps with stuff like that.
    When I had to come back from the beach early because I had an exam when my sisters got to stay that packed me M&Ms in my lunch (the packing of my lunch itself was incredibly nice) and we made special Oreo desserts. It helped considerably.
    I'm no good at volleyball (although I'm better at it than some sports), but I totally get loving something and then not being able to do it. I've seen lots of people heartbroken by not making teams. I'm glad CJ's seeming to take it pretty well.