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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tim and I: Amazing Race Leg 3

Don't look for a post for "leg 2". There isn't one. That's because I missed it entirely due to a preexisting condition.

So Leg 3 had Tim and I in last place due to our MIA for Thursday's leg. Not only were we last, we were 2 minutes behind the *last* team. We had some catching up to do.

Tim started off pretty cranky. He isn't very happy about being in last place.

When I met up with him at the start, I kindly asked if he had his bandanna (we are Tam Maroon) and the pencil (our "Phil", Domino, told us to make sure we had the pencil for every leg). He snapped that he did. And while we lined up, he asked me if I had my work badge (another requirement for the race). I did not so I fricking had to sprint back to the locker room to grab it then sprint back to the start line.

OF COURSE, while I was gone, Domino did the "check in" process and I wasn't there...

Our two minute penalty required us to go to the gym to fill up a cup with soda. Everyone else before us had the luxury of Domino filling it up for them. Then we were ready to start the race... the first clue was to follow "plops", which were 'squirts' of flour on the ground. This would be our trail to follow. If we ended up at a "+" sign of flour, then this was a cross, where we would need to choose a direction to follow to stay on the "right" trail. If we followed a trail to three columns of flour lines, we hit a dead end and would have to go back to the last cross point.

Tim and I ended up hitting three dead ends. Not just three dead ends but three long running dead ends.

We ran clear to JG's gate: dead end; we ran to the end of the gym hill and Research drive: dead end; we ran clear across to near Cary Academy's far end softball field: dead end. We finally got lucky and got the right plops to follow, only to end up close to the end of the pack...

Not only that, to do the next task, we had to pour our soda into a bucket to a certain line...we didn't make that line, so we had to run to the RFC to refill our cup and come back to fill to that line. Sigh.
The task was to toss a ring onto a white pole. There were two for use to choose from, although it was just me, as I chose to do the task, while my partner did wall squats while waiting for me to ring the pole :).

In the mass confusion and chaos of the challenge, I was able to switch with Tim, who almost immediately ringed the pole. Then we were required to do 20 push-ups each in order to get our next clue. Once that was done, it was off to find a clue at a tree near the daycare center, which then pointed us to the racquetball room to find the clue to the pit the dark...with a teeny-tiny glow stick.

In the end, nearly everyone else caught up with we were the only SECOND TEAM TO MAKE IT INTO THE RACQUETBALL ROOM. We finally got to the clue pretty quickly, which was '...the pit stop is where the sculpture of initiation is...'

I had no idea where the hell that was. My workplace is heavily populated with sculptures. The ones that stood out for me were: the sculpture near building R, and the sculpture right by the gym. I was wrong on both counts. It ended up being a sculpture near the softball field...where 13 teams before us made it before we did.

This was a fricking doozy of a leg. I was so fucking spent. I couldn't keep up with Tim, who at 6 feet tall strides wider than me. I would run to catch up to his walk, only to get there and have him start running. I felt like all I did was fricking run, no SPRINT, to catch up to him, or sprint to catch up period.

At the end, when we could see the pit stop, there was a team ahead of us. Tim was running and I was thinking: how the fuck does he have the energy and stamina to run??? I am fucking OUT. But the idea of these people surpassing me was too much...and Tim yelling at me to "come on!" I sprinted to the finish...only to hear "Your team #14". FUCK! was all I could muster.

The bright side is, we are no longer last, nor do we have a time penalty...but 14th? Out of 17? FUCK! So, we have to work harder next time to make up more time.

This is not as easy as I never thought it would be.


  1. Wow - that's a hellacious leg. I think you two did great to start from so far back and to make it back into the main pack (especially after all that running around exploring dead ends).

  2. Thanks James. I need a vote of positiveness on that one. It kicked my butt. I was so fricking tired of running around and I couldn't believe I could keep running. I was about to get annoyed with Tim because I would run to catch up with him and once I did, he would start running. I never got a break!

  3. just how many of these "legs" will there be?
    Do I need to come UP there with my trusty 1st aid stuff? LOL (grandma)

  4. You might need to get the 1st aid kit ready. This goes on until mid-October, twice a week.