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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Smarter than I Think?

I couldn't fit this into a tweet...

So, MiMi is making her lunch this morning: PB&J. Lucy, one half of the chicorgi < evil > twins is watching her diligently make her sandwich. She spread jelly on one slice of bread...then started spreading PB on the other slice. Suddenly, Lucy barks at her, which then made MiMi shake with shock, which in turn caused MiMi to drop the PB slice onto the floor.

That was hard enough to fit into 140 characters on twitter until...

MiMi started putting her banana pudding into the fridge when Lucy 'accidentally' stood in front of her, causing her to almost trip and throw the banana pudding all over the floor.

A dumb dumb of a dog? Or one with a devious plot to steal our food, targeting the smallest (but definitely not the weakest) person of the household?

I am on alert now (points two fingers at my eyes, then to Lucy's) be continued...

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