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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Shiny Happy People

I did another long run solo today. I only had six today but have 10 next week, so I am enjoying the "low" mileage.

I decided to run the same route I did two weeks ago. This would be better, I thought to myself, because it is one mile shorter than when I ran it last.

And it was.

The coolness of the morning was fantastic. On this route, when you start, you run along some pasture belonging to the state, so a glance to the right and there are horses. I thought about how this would make a great photograph in that section of Runner's World where they take that high level photograph of a great running spot.

People were all over the place. It was like The Stepford Wives, we were all giddy and happy and "good morning" the crap out of each other.

I had a dream last night that I had hot feet and was throwing my shoes off. I remembered that dream as I finished up my run, thinking about my thick cotton socks I had on - since all my running socks (all four pair) were still in the laundry - and how I wasn't having my hot feet issue.

My pace was slower: I finished in roughly 1:03 minutes. It's hard not to feel humbled by that but I'm focused on keeping my heart rate down. I don't have all the numbers but as I kept track today, I kept my heart rate under 190...and the peak usually occurred running up a hill. However, I noticed a few times where I would dip into the 160s...going downhill...and I thought that I was taking too much off. So I'm getting the gist of watching that number and knowing my comfort zone. But for my head, it's a little tough to not imagine going faster.

I thought about my half marathon in October. I was actually excited. I used it to get my legs pumping up the hills. I'll be running through a battlefield, which apparently is quite hilly. I wondered about what I wanted to accomplish out of it and surprisingly, I didn't feel a need to have a "fast" finish time. But the other side of me argues with: you have to do something good. Good is finishing. That is what I want to do. But being proud, for me, will be doing it in a decent time. I just have to figure out what that "decent" time means to me.

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