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Monday, September 06, 2010

Morning Cup o' Coffee

Man I love coffee.

Two things I look forward to in the morning: reading through stuff on my iTouch (WWF, USAToday, WRAL, Echofon, Facebook and my work email, to name a few) and getting my cup of coffee.

I have drank coffee nearly my entire life. And no, I never once stopped for any reason: new diet plan, side-effects from caffeine, yadda-yadda-yadda. Oh wait. I did when I was pregnant but I only went to decaf, so I still had my coffee.

I started very young.

When I lived in the Philippines, my aunties (that's what I call them) would make me coffee in the barrio.

They wouldn't have me drink the water...I drank pepsi's, halo-halo, or coffee. Well, mainly coffee in the morning.

So my Auntie would put a few scoops of Sanka instant coffee, some sugar, and warm goat milk and, voila! A wonderful concoction that I would drink as I ate my breakfast. And to this day, that is something I savor: coffee with breakfast.

My dad is old school: drinks it black and throughout the entire day. I wonder if he really drank it because it tasted so good or because, well, it was just something to drink. It didn't matter what brand was brewed, or how long it stayed in the pot! Just a hot cup of coffee in hand all day.

I used to drink more coffee than I do now, but that meant two to three cups in the morning. Now I stick to one and rarely, a second. I don't know how folks can drink coffee all day. For me, it messes with the "integrity" of the taste: it is why I look forward to having one every morning...having my fix and waiting a full day to get it again.

As most of you know, I can't stand Starbucks. It's mainly on principal vs. coffee taste. But quite honestly, one of my favorite coffees are the coffees at restaurants: waffle house, local breakfast places, etc. Something about just a good ole plain cup of black coffee is amazing. Course, I pour about seven packets of those teeny-tiny bags of sugar and a little bit of half-n-half.

Over the years I have tried variations of how I take my coffee: a little bit of sugar, no cream; a lot of sugar, a little bit of cream; flavored cream; and so on. I actually have a very fine line of how sweet I like my coffee: not too sweet but just enough to mix with the cream to make a very smooth taste. After all these years, I still haven't figured out how to make that happen every time.

Oh, and I stir my coffee counter-clockwise. Tim says that's "wrong" and I'm weird for stirring that way. I did a small case study at work one day, as me and my peers were in class for something and I watched them stir their coffee. Sure enough, they stir clockwise. Bizarre. But it makes my coffee taste better than theirs so I ain't a'changin' my ways.

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