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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Running

It's funny how many of my running friends can just go ad nauseum on the details of their swimming, running, biking, yoga-ing, IT-ing endeavors.

It's funny...well, because I love reading and hearing it...And because I do the same thing. :) Hey, there's a lot that goes through one's brain while doing these activities!!

Yesterday I had a 6 mile run scheduled. As par for the course for me, I wondered how the hell I could run 6 miles on a Monday after running 10 miles on Saturday.

I also stressed a bit because I had a busy work day where there was no room to add my run in unless I started early. Seeing that I haven't been very disciplined this past year with my morning routine, that was going to be a tough thing to do.

But yesterday started my week off fabulously: I got up early and took the little chicorgis for a good long walk. Got home, threw on my running gear and grabbed the first easy outfit (a dress) that I could put on after my run (and a shower). Got CJ off to school and headed into work.

The run would cover my standard 10K route from work through Umstead. The weather has been amazing so that is no longer a far. My legs ached but not too bad. I was ready to take walk breaks as I continued to think to myself that I wouldn't manage to big runs nearly back-to-back.

I was so wrong. And I love this change in me so far: a little more positive attitude about my runs. Even though it felt like a sluggish run for me, I managed to run up half mile hill and took zero walk breaks. I won't count the minute or two I had to wait at the intersection from I40. I felt good enough to end with a 9:30 mn/mile for the 6th mile. I was elated.

I walked into the gym for my after-workout drink of chocolate milk and saw my favorite curmudgeon Tom, who looked at the clock and then at me and said "Unusual time for you, isn't it?" Haha.

I then remembered to pick up tickets for the State Fair, as well as December's showing of A Christmas Carol. I noted that Tim and I were in last place for The Amazing Race since I missed Thursday's leg. But that didn't affect my great mood, start of the day, as well as the start of my birthday week.

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