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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Magnificent Mile Race Report

I was nervous and excited about this race. I thought about it this morning and envisioned myself on the race course, only to have a rush of adrenaline run through my body, imagining the pain I'll be going through during my run.

This year Tim would join CJ and I for the run. Lucky for him, boys go first.

We got to the race pretty early, which leads to a long wait...which made me more nervous. We found our pals pretty quickly: Coach B and crew, Frank, and Jenian. Frank was very nervous which made me feel good because I wouldn't be the only one nervous as hell. And I knew poor little CJ was nervous as she was pretty quiet all morning.

Tim and Frank go off to begin their race. They are off and I see that they are in the last group towards the back of the start. The first guy running first was smoking. When we finally saw the winners running in? It wasn't the same guy, but a guy wearing, coincidentally, bib #1. I peeked at the timing clock and it looked like he crossed at 4:05. That's right, he ran one mile in FOUR MINUTES AND FIVE SECONDS. Wow.

We saw Tim and he looked great and crossed around 7:04. Not bad for a guy that doesn't run AS MUCH AS I FUCKING DO.

Frank, who was hoping to break 7:30, crossed at 7:29. Not that it matters to most of us anal-retentive runners, he was faster than that as he and Tim started a good 3 seconds behind the timing gun.

Seeing them cross just made the butterflies multiply. Why can't this be over with?

Jenian and I go for a quick warm-up run; CJ turns me down, flabbergasted as to why I would run before the run. I remember when I was like that too. :)

Man, my legs felt stiff. I could barely move. And my breathing was so labored. When we finished, I thought "what the fuck? there is no way I can get these legs to move fast if that quick warm-up felt that bad..."

Jenian, me and CJ start towards the back; it appears we are around the same place that Tim and Frank started from. After wishing my two gal pals Good Luck, the gun goes off and we're off.

Any reservations about how bad my warm-up felt were out the door at the start. I concentrated on getting around most people but I also didn't feel like I was in much of a hurry. :) But Tim and Douglas were like "don't push too hard until the first turn".

At the first turn, I sped up. I still felt really good and that made me 1) worried I wasn't running as fast as I should and 2) good that I might be able to pull through this without too much suffering.

At the halfway mark, I heard 3:45. Damn. That's 15 seconds slower than I wanted to be. I sped up a bit more and remembered this portion of the race sort of kicking my ass: last year, hearing a young girl breathing hard and her mom encouraging her. I wondered how CJ was doing, who is in much better condition this year than last...she looked good when I passed her...

I saw Jenian ahead of me and wondered how we got separated at the start. I just zoned out I guess.

I still feel pretty "rock starish" until the final turn to the finish. A slight panic takes over as I realize I am almost finished but not really. It's a downward finish and I want to take advantage of it but I sense I am taking an edge off my pace. Throughout the first 3/4 of the race, I only passed people; no one passed me. The last 1/4, however, there were a half a dozen girls passing me. I sprinted the very last few yards and saw the clock click to 7:14 (official time was 7:25). I was glad to see I was still in the upper 7s but I was bummed that I didn't match my time from last year. Not just match, mind you, BEST my time for last year.

Jenian crossed right behind me. I was so happy for her as this was the girl who was hoping to be in the 8s. She fricking knocked the run out of the park.

And I see CJ, looking determined as ever. She crossed around 8:35. WOO-HOO! She kicked butt and bettered her time from last year's race. And even better? She didn't throw up. :) She definitely was in running shape for this year's race. I am so proud of her.

So one race down, (counting out on my fingers) seven more to go.


  1. Great race report! I almost felt like I was there, you know, except for the searing pain that lasts about 7 minutes. Congrats on your race you did great considering your injury and extended recovery :-). Glad to hear CJ did so well too, and didn't loose her Italian ice.

  2. Whew! Not a fun run -- but it was cool to see what our bodies could do when asked.

    Thanks for posting the report, it was neat to see your angle on the event. You're such a strategic runner with your pacing - I keep picking up tips & techniques from you.
    Thanks and see you at the next one!