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Monday, September 27, 2010

Let's Try this Again...

So I thought I would check out a book for MiMi that was a bit "big" for her. An adult book but in a subject matter she would find interesting.

Before you all judge me and go: jeez, she's only seven! Yes. I know. But it's a _book_ and if she can't read it, no harm, no foul. If she can, then a win, win. I won't know until she tries.

I know how good she can read. She could read the Harry Potter books now, if only she would find them interesting.

I checked out "Cleo - The Cat Who Mended a Family". I told her that she could use a dictionary to look up the words that she may not understand. This is what I do :).

After a few days, I asked if she was enjoying it.

'I can't read it. There are too many big words!'

Really? I was skeptical. A book named Cleo, with the cutest picture of a baby black kitten, couldn't possibly have that many big words. And what does she mean by "big words".

I decided to read the first couple of pages to her, to help her with the so called "big words".

Here are some excerpts from only *two* pages:
The road to Lena's house was complicated by its undulations, not to mention the steepness. It snaked over what would qualify as mountains in most parts of the world.


Between two brothers aged nearly nine and six the dynamic was predictable. Sam would set Rob up with a surreptitious jab that would be rewarded with a kick, demanding retaliation with a thump, escalating into recriminations and tears -- "He punched me!" "That's 'cos he pinched me first." But this time they were on the same side, and my usual role of judge and relationship counselor had been supplanted by a simpler one -- The Enemy.


There was no point recalling the number of times we'd seen Rata disappear into undergrowth in pursuit of an unfortunate member of the feline species. Since Sam had given up trying to become a superhero and thrown his batman mask to the back of his wardrobe, he'd morphed into an obsessive reader brimming with facts to destroy any argument I could dredge up.


Personally, I wouldn't have been surprised if Lena had summoned her offspring from some parallel universe only she and Pablo Picasso had access codes to.

Man. I don't know if I would have been so WTF if I didn't read this *for* a 7 year old. But CJ, also a very mature reader told me yesterday "I tried to read that Cleo book and there were so many hard words!"

I may give it a go and just read it to her although now, I am very hypersensitive to the "big words". Or I'll just hunt down another book that might be of interest to her, whether an 'adult' book or not.

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