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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lactic Acid Intolerant

Today's run, my last "long" one before next week's race, sucked. And today is Anna's Angels 10 mile race and if I had done that today, I would have been miserable.

As most of you runners know, that first mile can be a bit of hell. Getting the blood flowing, the kinks out, etc. But eventually, the strength comes back and the body (and in my case, sometimes the mind) gets into that zone. My run felt that way when I started but about a mile into it, I realized I wasn't getting out of that shitty zone. I felt as though I had to constantly push and pull on my legs to get them moving.

The past week has been a relatively normal workout week, despite having a late summer head cold. None of that has adversely affected me, unless I want to blame that today. One big think I noted this morning was: I had one of the most comfortable, best snoozes in a long time. I felt well-rested; during my shitty run I thought: I must have wasted all of my energy sleeping well. :)

The end result is: I ran. I ran six shitty miles. I did it. And that, to me, made the entire time worthwhile.

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