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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Dream of School

I was listening to KATG episode #1250 Don't Ask, Don't Tell and the guest mentions how he has a recurring dream about school.

This perked up my ears as *I* *HAVE* *RECURRING* *DREAMS* *ABOUT* *SCHOOL*. So it was pretty amazing to hear that I am not alone.

Of course, I didn't think this was a big issue but found it interesting that others would have _recurring_ dreams about the same thing that I have _recurring_ dreams about.

My recurring dreams of school are common in, the end result is, I missed a lot of classes and I show up at the end of the course, or for a test, or for something that is towards the end. And I am disheartened because I have missed so many classes that I don't know anything at the end. Almost an equivalent to the stereotypical "I showed up for a test and don't know the answers", except it's not always a test...but it's usually the end of the course, semester, school year.

There is no clear detail that I am in high school or college, or just a voluntary course from a community college. The bottom line is that I have missed most of the given classes and know nothing about the subject matter, the teacher, nor the fellow students.

All I know is this: when I wake up, I have a huge, I mean HUMONGOUS, sigh of relief that it was all just a dream. As if these were nightmares, that is how relieved I am when I wake up and realize that it was all a dream.

What does it mean?

I never tried to analyze it.

Until now...

One site says this:
If you are the student you may be feeling inadequate or lack self confidence. Either way, going to school or attending class in a dream is your unconscious reminder that there is a need for new learning
and that you may have not learned an important lesson.

Actually, this seems to be the common interpretation for dreams about being *in* school: a feeling of inadequacy or a desire to learn more.

I don't really feel that inadequate. I mean, I mainly feel that way when it comes to competing in sports...specifically running...but I don't know if my feelings are that obsessive to make me dream about school so often.

Anyway, bottom line: apparently, I am not the only person in the world, who has been out of high school for YEARS, who continues to dream about being in school and stressing out about it. When I get the next one, I'll be sure to document it and perhaps, write it here.

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  1. When I dream about means I'm nervous about school. My nightmares start about a month before school starts, and go away soon after it does.
    My current recurring dream is about driving. I'm eligible to get my permit in a few weeks.