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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The First 10 Miler of the Year?

Wow. I wanted to start this post by stating when the last ten mile run I had and according to my training log, the last one was last YEAR! WTF? Last November before I had my stress fracture and took a break.

Guess I took a long ass break. I am shocked, really. I could have swore I ran a long run before yesterday...

Nonetheless, I got my 10 miles done and I felt pretty darn good about it. My running buddy Frank joined me for about three miles (he had six) and I finished the rest on my own.

I don't mind running solo as I feel I can go my own pace, feel no pressure to keep running/pacing with my peers, and most of all, I can listen to my podcasts. But running with Frank reminded me how fast the miles go when you have someone with you. We had great conversations and while I looked forward to the rest of my miles alone, I did think how nice it would be to have him continue on for the rest.

We started at the picnic shelter where we work, then ran a nice route we take often into Black Creek greenway, then I proceeded into Umstead. It was an out-and-back for me, even knowing that the end would require me to run UP Harrison Avenue.

Quite honestly, and quite demented of me, I looked forward to the run up Harrison. I don't know how it happened because I haven't run with $Bill very often this year, but his fricking love of the bad is rubbing off on me.

I took a break to get my podcast in order when Frank and I parted ways. I didn't mind that I was ending my first half of my five miles into Umstead, which is UP. I knew I would be coming back down and mistakenly thought I would have the down part of Black Creek. It wasn't until I went up the first little hill, near the water fountain (these little landmarks are for my local readers :)), that I realized my mistake: this way of Black Creek is harder than the other way.

So I was a little daunted but I continued onward, with tired legs...wondering how these legs would fare on Harrison. Luckily, I had no idea that it has been that long since I've run 10 miles, or I would have psyched myself out. I know my friend Olivia would disagree with the "Ignorance is Bliss" mantra, but in this case, it works. :)

Once I finished Black Creek, I took another walk break. I knew what was ahead of me. And my legs were just screaming at me. I have been able to keep my heart rate in check and it appears, for the most part, that when I am working hard, I am keeping it within 180s. This is good news as I did a good two or so miles at a 10 minute pace (through the hills too :)).

So, as my podcast ended to an old Eddie Murphy bit...from Delirious...about Bill Cosby calling up Eddie and chastising him for his routine...I started up Harrison.

And I didn't stop.

Yes. I was so tired.

But somehow, mentally, I was determined. Where did that come from? It's so not me! I usually talk myself out of it, yell at everyone around me, and wonder why the hell I do this to myself.

Instead, I was just powering those legs forward. I said hello to a few bicyclers. I thought about my race: how I would be running hills at the end too, and this was good practice. Don't stop, or you'll remember this during race time and stop too.

That's the longest run I'll have before my half on October 2nd. I'm a little nervous about that...wondering, yesterday, if I had enough in me to go another 5K. I was pretty spent after that run...but I'll just have to wait and see.

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  1. lol, I'll hand that one to you. When it comes to psyching yourself to do stuff, ignorance is helpful. (I can't add that into my essay, though, since it goes against my point). :)