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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Date Night: Dinner & a Laugh

One of our favorite comedians was coming to town again: Greg Giraldo.

If you know the song "Underwear Goes Inside the Pants", the comedian speaking is Greg Giraldo.

He's also been one of the judges on Last Comic Standing...and one of Keith's favorite comedians too. :)

We decided to eat at Irregardless Cafe, one of our earliest favorite places to hit in Raleigh. It's been a good long while since we ate here but it's right next door to the comedy club so it seemed to be a good choice.

The menu has expanded quite a bit since we came here. Used to, the menu for the evening fit on one page. Now, a good three pages: apps/salads, vegetarian/vegan, then entrees.

Our waitress, Olga, was frazzled but did a decent job. It was pretty crowded but not that bad so I think they were short a few wait staff? I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

We ordered to Riojas and waited too long for the drinks. When I order my wine, I want it pretty pronto.

The bread, once a favorite of mine, was stale and not warm at all. I don't know what happened to the price of butter, but they are doling it out as though it were hard to come by. This is the second place where butter came in a teeny-tiny scoop.

We chose an app of bruschetta and a chicken entree to share. The chicken entree sounded divine as it would be served with risotto (I want to try a great risotto) and an arugula salad (I absolutely LOVE arugula).

It was a good ten minutes before Olga let us know (and before our wine was served) that I apparently had the wrong menu and ordered the one thing that wasn't available that night.

So I picked a different chicken dish that did NOT have risotto OR the arugula salad...which truthfully, was the main parts of the dish that I wanted.

So, needless to say, this was not starting off well nor did it get that much better. It didn't get WORSE but it was not the great meal that I remember enjoying time and time again at this place.

The chicken was dry and flavor-wise? Nothing I couldn't recreate at home. The veggies were a few thrown in pieces of broccoli and cauliflower that had no seasoning that I could detect. And the potatoes were just good. It's hard to make a bad potato dish but it's also cool to make a delicious one.

They failed on all counts. The irony is I told Tim I did not want to eat at the Old Bar because the food there is HORRIFIC. I wanted to spend my money on good food, not just go to just "eat" before the show.

Granted, the food wasn't horrific but definitely nothing that would bring me back anytime in the near future. There's just too many other amazing places (Hayes Barton) to go to instead.

The comedy show? Funny. Giraldo is great as usual. I always worry that the same material will be "played" and while a few tidbits were thrown in that I remember from his last show, overall, it was new material. It's nice when a comedian can do a show and it feels like he's doing it off the cuff, whether it's true or not. He enjoyed picking at the bachelorette party that sat in the front row, which is always fun to hear and watch.

Next week, I hope to catch Adam Kindler. We'll see where we put our money down on food. If you know the area and have recommendations, send them my way. I only ask that they are local places; food chains are reserved for my kids (not by my choice).

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