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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


That's my sentiment about this past Tuesday's Amazing Race leg. I even had a new attitude to start the game!

Last week's counting fiasco made me think about how overexcited I am about this thing. So excited I am that I can't think straight. So Tuesday I thought: this is a lot of fun but I need to take the edge out of my intensity so I can actually THINK.

It also helps to be less intense when you are in 11th place.

Domino had us lined up and reminded us over and over "READ YOUR CLUES!" I do, Domino, it's the processing of the words and their meaning that I am having a problem with...

Our first clue was to search the pedestals at the cemetery (yes, we even have a cemetery for employees...JK). It didn't take much to search: we just needed to go to the place where all the other teams were huddled around.

This is my interpretation, which is pretty spot-on, as to what the original clue was:

For now, I am not going to reveal what the actual answer is because I would love it if some of you would try to solve this rebus. Please post your answer in a comment. Don't be embarrassed after all, I am revealing all of my failures and mistakes doing this game. :)

The clue for you is that Tim and I never solved it. Oh, we thought we had it solved in pieces but overall, our answers never made entirely 100% sense. We ran all over the place with some thought that we were close to something tangible. We were far, far, FAR from it.

We are in last place, along with two other teams who, like us, lost any determination to finish the task. I would have been more productive if I just never showed up! I ended up in the same place albeit, without a two minute penalty.

We have the rest of the week off, which mainly means we don't "play" Thursday. This works well since I have a race on Saturday.

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