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Friday, September 17, 2010

The "Amazing Race" - Fourth Leg

Thursday's start is where we ended Tuesday, by the Initiation sculpture. At the end of the race, Tim said to me about needing to warm up before we start. "My warm up is getting TO the start" is what I answered.

At 12:46, while sitting in my office, I realized "Shit! I have a race at 1!!!" Granted, I knew I was doing this at 1PM but nothing really processed that I also need to be there BEFORE 12:45 to get ready.

So I am running down the hallways of my floor to the elevator. I get out and start running towards my car until I see...well, let's just say there's a certain person who I have a little crush on...and this person is walking back towards their building, which happens to be the way to my car. So I slow down to the sauntering pace and chit-chat with the crush for a bit.

I say a quick "good bye" and a "nice to see you again" :) and get in the car and head off (not speeding) to the picnic shelter, as there is no way I will have time to dress in the gym.

I get to the picnic shelter and a fellow teammate is like 'Tim's down there (by the gym) looking for you'. Shit, I think and say out loud "Well, he better come up here!" Next thing I hear is the teammate screaming 'TIM! CINDY'S UP HERE!"

I quickly dress and run to the start, seeing Tim's exasperated face as I get there, huffing and puffing.

Yes. I am warmed up.

So the first task we do is choose between spinning around, with a hand on a baseball bat, then running to a tree for a clue; or wheelbarrow-ing to a different tree for a clue. We chose the wheelbarrow with me steering Tim. Man, that dude was fast.

Next, we had to find our combo numbers in a set of trees in front of the picnic shelter (more sprinting). We found ours, got our number then headed to the softball field to find a lock that would unlock with our numbers. We were in luck as the second lock was the one that was ours. It was another sprint back to the Initiation sculpture for our next clue, which was to go to the gym.

We take off for the gym and I am reading way too much into the clue...mainly because Domino keeps saying "pay attention to the clue!" Do we take the lock or leave it? I ask. Tim says let's go and we take the lock. This would be another lucky break. :)

We get to the gym and we have to decide who is "Pete" and who is "Sam" (or some other cutesy name). Tim picks Pete and I am Sam. We go to the basketball court and Sam has to play a variation of beer pong while Tim has to shoot rubber bands at a cup and knock it down. If Tim can't knock it down with five rubber bands, then he has to do 50 sit ups.

This may be a big surprise to everyone but I have never in my life played beer pong or quarters. I played spoons ONCE and I don't even remember it. Not that it matters but afterward, a few folks were like "beer pong!" and I had no idea what they were talking about at first.

Anyway, I got the ball in the cup relatively quick. I would have done it faster had I not caught the ball in my hand every time it bounced almost into the cup. I don't know why I decided catching it with my hand was a reaction to it, but I kept doing it initially. Another lucky thing: I stopped and the ball landed in my cup.

Tim was lucky too, as he did his task at the third try so he didn't have to do 50 sit ups and we were off to the next clue. This is our next lucky task as it was to go to the Quest sculpture for our next clue. After Tuesday's race, I decided to look up the sculpture names so Quest was by my building. Which is really far away from where we are.

So off we go, sprinting yet again across the campus, up stairs, down hills and bam, we are the first ones to the sculpture, with Army Amy coming towards us. The next clue? Go back to the softball field! Which way back where we started!!!

Army Amy and her partner have already taken off. I look at the hill I have to sprint up, knowing that the rest of the way to the softball field is up. We start the sprint back and I am dying, telling Tim "I can't do this!" He's like "Come on, you got this".

I keep my sight on Army Amy, who is just happy as can be, sprinting ahead of us, encouraging her partner. If I can keep close to her, then we will be good, I am thinking. But damn, I am fucking SPENT. I have no breath left in me and I just keep pumping my legs.

At one point, I hear Amy tell her partner "Come on! It's going to be push and pull with these two!" talking about Tim and I. I think "IT'S GOING TO BE PUSH!!" And I floor it only to shortly stop for a walk and think back "it's going to be pull..."

We pass them!! And we have the edge until they get a second wind and we lose ours. I am thinking we have another task so I let the edge go even more as we run up the hill towards the softball field. Alas! I see Domino and the freaking mat for the pit stop and realize, too late, that it is the pit stop. We book it nonetheless and ended up Team Number Two. YEAH! THAT'S RIGHT! TEAM NUMBER TWO!

And while I am elated for that result I know that 1) there is a need for a bit of logic and a lot of luck to get through these tasks and 2) why the hell did we take the edge off and beat the heck out of Army Amy?? We had her in our sight!!!

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