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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The "Amazing Race" - First Leg

Today was Tim and I's first day of a game called The Amazing Race. Yes, it is what you think but not entirely. It is loosely, very loosely, based on the real TV show with the same name. Except this one goes through my recreation and fitness center at the place I work.

Yes. This happens during time I spend at work.

No. It is not part of my job and thus, becomes a lunch time activity.

Yes. I work in a great mother-fucking place. Do you think I could do this anywhere else in the world?

Frank and I did this in May as a "preview" of the activity to come in the Fall. I can't believe we have already made it to this time...

Anyway, as I described it to the familia, Tim mentioned how fun it sounded so I asked if he wanted to do it with me instead. So I dumped Frank (sorry :)) and added Tim and today, despite how busy Tim is, we made it to our first leg of the race.

We met at the putting green (yes, we have a putting green at work) and the first thing we had to do was run up to the tennis courts :) and get our bandannas and our first clue, which included a pencil.

The clue was to run to the yellow gate of our company owner's drive :) :) and start at the birdhouse, then work our way back and follow the fence of the pasture for smiley face clues.

As I write this, I can't believe I am talking about my place of employment. I'll stop mentioning it now.

Well, because we did, what we tell everyone on the damn show NOT to do, is follow the people instead of the clue.

So we missed the damn birdhouse (the first one) and ran to the second one, because everyone was hovering around there. One of my foes ran away from the clue and said "we go the clue!" trying to trick us to go further out of our way.

We finally figured it out and the series of happy faces were words in a sentence that we had to figure out. Needless to say, we never figured it out until we came upon the people doing the next task.

I think the words were: task is double in front you your next of

or at least close to that...

In the end, this slowed us down as I had Tim write everything down and then double & triple checked the words. We gave up and just ran after others and figured out that it meant "in front of W" once we saw folks in front of W doing the next task.

The next task "in front of W" was to blow up a balloon then let it go and where it landed was where one player went to blow it up again until it went to the other side of the area. The other side is where I waited while Tim blew it up and luckily, did pretty good getting to me quickly.

The next clue was "Match Up" or "Catch Up". I wanted Catch Up, since it was in the cardio room and I figured this is a way for us to catch up to the other teams.

I was wrong.

It was: row to 500 yards/meters (whatever the rowing machine measuring system was). Tim jumped at the chance and he was kicking ass. I found out after he started rowing that *I* had to do the same thing but match his time with only 5 seconds to spare.

Um. Tim is rowing much faster than me.

Fortunately, I found out from Patti that Tim was rowing at a 10 level and thus, I could go lower and probably get there just as fast, if not faster. And I did, but not as much as you think.

So...we are sweating, tired, Tim's got cramps but we are running our little asses off.

The next clue was to run to the Yoga building :) and Tim kept telling me "GX" and I heard nothing but mumbling. I had no idea what he was saying. Finally, it registered but even in my adrenalized state, I was heading for the wrong building. I figured it out as I watched a team ahead of us go into GX. Here we just had a clue to the finish, which was "four big rocks by the softball field" :).

I had no idea where the rocks were, but I know where the softball field is. So we ran, SPRINTED...I saw one team and I knew we would pass them. They were spent -- and so were we -- but I wasn't going to stop. I could see the finish in sight, as other teams -- and Domino, our very own version of Phil -- was waiting.

But to get to the finish, one has to run up a hill. I was DYING. My legs were screaming at me. And I could care less how "close" Domino was to me, it seemed too far. I took a quick peek behind me to see how the team that we had just passed was faring and they were walking. So...I took a little break and Tim is egging me on to run, we're almost there. So I did and we made it.

We were Team #8.

And I kicked my fricking shoes off because my GD feet were so MFing hot.

Our downfall is clue reading. In the heat of the game, and the peer pressure from all the other players taking off as if they know what they are doing, makes us weak. I never really read through the clues...and I certainly didn't process the information. Me: miss "I love a puzzle" did not figure out a single bit of information from the clues.

But there are 17 teams, so 8 is not so bad. We do this again next week. No eliminations. Just the top three, in the end, will battle out for the win.

Thank you, $Bill, for picking us to win it. I noticed that someone else picked me and Tom. Hopefully, one of those dudes will help me win this thing.


  1. My dad took me to work with him on the weekend just to run in the exercise room and he gave me a quick tour. Some of the guys have a mini putting green set up in their hallway (just a strip of fake grass and a mug) that they use at lunch and on breaks. I thought it was funny.

  2. That sounds like so much fun! :)

  3. your welcome! now read the damn clues!!!!