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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Amazing Race: Fifth Leg

Tuesdays seem to be "kick your ass" task day for this game.

We started off where we left off last week: at home base of the softball field. Tim and I were in position #2. Each week, each team sort of "evens up" by having a minute start time between each team. This is the day a team needed to be up toward the front as much as possible.

The first thing we were required to do was to tie our team bandanna (we are maroon, BTW) around our ankles. Tim took both of our bandannas and tied them together, then tied one end to his ankle and one to mine. We had a nice space between our two ankles.

Amy and Christine were off, trying their best to walk together while tied together. Tim said "start with the left...just walk until we get used to it". Well, we got used to it pretty quickly as we started running in rhythm.

The first clue was a picture of the sculpture that fronts our research & development building. We ran pretty quickly and passed Amy and Christine, who screamed at us when we passed. At the sculpture, we had to pick one of four color strips and then run to the picnic shelter. We maintained our lead pretty well to that point.

The next clue was a Road Block, where we had to announce who would do the task. Tim said he would, which left me to do mountain climbers while he finished his task.

And what a task: he had to lock himself into a rope (with the combo lock we had from the last task) and traverse the rope, as it looped around picnic tables. From where I was, I could not see him at all but Amy would give me the play-by-play of where he was located.

Amy and Christine made a very game-fatal mistake: they picked the same color as we did. They came in second to the picnic shelter but had to wait for Tim to be halfway done with the rope course before they could begin. This would be the task that would put a small portion of us into the lead and the rest pretty much dead last.

Tim got through the ropes course pretty well and with tired fricking arms, I managed to push myself up and run to him for the next clue: go to the yoga room.

One other team has us beat to the yoga room. The clue is to go in, remain quiet, find a mat and do the poses printed on the sheet of paper...and hold it for 15 seconds. We had four poses: eagle, dolphin, extended hand-to-big toe and one other warrior type pose that I couldn't remember. I actually thought "I GOT THIS" until I noticed I didn't recognize anything except eagle.

But we breezed through these pretty well and I was grateful that Tim was a Yoga Xer as I knew he could do these poses too.

After finishing that, the next clue was to find a word on the yoga mat in the room. We had to be very discreet and we were not allowed to speak out loud, especially to our partner. Charles was done pretty soon after I was and we were all over the room looking for the secret password. I gave the brand name listed on the mats themselves because I could not find it at all!

Finally, I looked very carefully and noticed the word "Yogurt" was written IN BLACK on the BLACK MAT. Our next clue was to go to the outside of the building, down the stairs. As we go down the stairs, Charles is right behind us. I almost go the wrong way, seeing a sign with "Amazing Race" and an arrow pointing right...which, I WAS GOING THAT WAY, JUST THROUGH THE DOOR THEN RIGHT. Apparently Domino later picked at me for not reading the clue.

ANYWAY, we go through a different door vs. the other door that would have put us in the exact same place and find the chalk writing to our next clue. It was the meditation garden (for those of you who work where I work, I am not sure if you can read this without thinking how absurd it is that I have named all these things that happen to be WHERE WE WORK!!! Yoga, softball, putting green, meditation garden???).

Tim is asking me "do you know where it is?" and I'm yelling yes, follow Charles, who barely finished the clue and ran off. I was a bit disoriented where we were and was hoping to have a bit more room to beat Charles and Chad in a race to the finish. However, it was a bit windy, not as long a straightaway as I hoped, and despite Tim saying RUN FASTER, I slipped and fell from some pine needles.

Alas, Charles and Chad make it first with Tim and I right at their heels. Domino said to me "when you fell, if you just looked over here, you would have seen the mat and cut through the damn pine needles you fell on". Okay, that was me paraphrasing what Domino said with my own words...but that's what happened. I saw nothing when I fell, and could have cut through and be FIRST.

A few more teams follow-up behind us but everyone else? They were still at the picnic shelter getting through the ropes.

The worst part of the task is: the first teams to start each colored rope task is at an advantage because they do not have to wait for anyone to finish. Everyone else had to wait and quite a few, ended up with the same color and were at least two in the queue.

I went back to the picnic shelter since I parked over there and there were at least four teams finishing up. Charles and I helped a couple of the teams finish and watching them go through the course made me grateful that I wasn't the one that had to do this task.

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