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Monday, August 30, 2010


If you know me well enough then you can predict how I feel about the Mosque being built *near* Ground Zero. It's not *at* or *in* Ground Zero. It's two blocks away. And as Bloomberg states to Jon Stewart, there's another mosque four blocks away.

I care not about whether a mosque is built there anymore than I care if a church of another denomination was built there. But I do care that people feel that it is wrong.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Islam is not about terrorism. Oh wait. Maybe it does. Maybe we need to go to school to educate ourselves about what it is do be muslim in the free world.

Why do I not care? It is certainly not because I am insensitive to the symbolic nature of it. But I just think that it is out of pure ignorance and hate to target the religion by the actions of a group of terrorists, who were founded somewhere in the 1980s, and have taken their beliefs to an extreme interpretation that is *not* shared by other muslims. Muslims who were muslims before al-qaeda was ever formed.

That would be pretty similar to saying all germans were nazis, or that all Christians want to murder abortion doctors.

I wondered why this was all so controversial so 'suddenly'. In a city like New York, in which all people, race and creed, seem to somehow thrive together, would react in a very non-stereotypical way (IMO) to this. I blamed the media, trying to spark some controversy. But Bloomberg nailed it, I believe, on his little talk on the Jon Stewart show: it's an election year, so someone, somewhere is trying to make this an issue to come in and try to "shine" for votes.

Here is Bloomberg's speech about supporting the building of the mosque:

Here's the transcript if you don't want to watch/listen to it.

And an even better interview from the Jon Stewart show, because it is short and simple and right to the point:
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  1. Have you seen the Simpsons episode when a Muslim family moves in next door? All I will say (other than that it's REALLY funny) about it is this: Homer.

  2. Amazingly enough, that episode does not sound familiar. I will have to look for it!

  3. I agree with you completely, Cindy. And I lost three friends in the World Trade Center. But they were murdered by nutcase radicals, not John Q. Muslim. I believe it's despicable that Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich are deliberately throwing gasoline on the fire.

  4. Thanks Phil.

    I can blow off Palin for the most part but I think most surprising to me is the few people I know who seem to be up in arms about this.

  5. Amen, sista! It upsets me that people are so upset about it. It upsets me more that people ACTUALLY think that the people building this mosque-ish building (which is not ONLY a mosque) are possibly supportive of al-quaida. I read this stuff and i'm just dumbfounded.