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Saturday, August 28, 2010

So Far, So Good

MiMi decided earlier this month that she would be a vegetarian. The month is almost over and she has been quite successful thus far.

It helps that we support her. :)

She is having issues with determining what counts as not being meat. Or she just likes to keep asking if something is OK.

"Can I have bread?"

"Is cheese OK?"

"Is peanut butter a meat?"

Then again, shortly after announcing her vegetarianism, she was at Subway ordering a Turkey and Cheese sub. Our babysitter managed to avert the order by telling her that turkey is meat. She chose to go without turkey.

She hasn't appeared to miss anything 'meaty'. I did let her have fish nuggets, to which she questioned me over and over if it was OK, although some vegetarians do not eat fish.

But bacon? Nope.

Chicken? Nope.

Hot dogs? Nope.

I have incorporated more veggie main dishes in our menus. Tim made us meatless tacos, using meatless crumbles. He hated it. MiMi loved it. I was influenced by Tim's hatred; it tasted fine but I decided I couldn't eat anymore of it after he blasted it.

Tonight I made a potato filling for tacos. It was quite good. Will be better in the morning in a breakfast burrito! But MiMi liked it so we have a better alternative to taco night, which is one of our favorite meals.

I made a meatless lasagna the other night, using a meat lasagna recipe I've made before. The meatless crumbles, within this recipes, worked 100%. The big lasagna dish is nearly gone from Tim and MiMi alone. This will definitely be a regular item on our menu too.

I am pretty proud of her. She made a choice, based on whatever reasons she has: animal lover, a vegan influence from her babysitter (who is awesome), and her "no-love" for steak.

Now, I need to find a recipe for her one favorite meat dish: meatloaf. Ironic that the little girl who doesn't even like me to say the word "meat" would adore a food with the word in its name.

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