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Friday, August 06, 2010

Not With the "In" Crowd

I loved this article from USA Today, which outlines where movie story lines are attracting more movie goers this summer, vs. A-list actors.

This is exactly how I have felt for some time. Probably a little before Ocean's 11 came out, I was already getting sick of the overblown, overly star studded movies with all the A-listers. But Ocean's 11 and the subsequent overblown production of its sequels and the overblown egos of the actors just simply pissed me off.

Seeing the posters and previews for Ocean 11 (12 and 13) just raised my ruffles. They all look so glib: Look at us! You love us! And we make a lot of money! And we are so popular that you'll watch us in anything! We are sooooo cool!


So, similar to my Anti-Starbuck's sentiment, I am anti-superstar. I like the no-name to low-name folks in movies.

I also prefer a story line, which overblown productions, like Avatar, Titanic, and its like, do not have. I prefer "indies" but I hate to say that because that became 'vogue'. In essence, I would rather see a movie showing at The Rialto or The Colony because the major theaters don't spend their money on these movies.

The hoopla over the release of Eat, Pray Love makes my skin crawl. A decent book, not one of my favorites, mind you, but not bad...but once I learned Julia Roberts would be starring in it? I give a big "fuck you" to them.

I still haven't seen Up in the Air because I can't stand George Clooney.

And while I did watch, and enjoy, Inglorious Basterds, I did it more for Tim than wanting to see Brad Pitt overact in yet another overblown story (it didn't fall into my overblown category as much as it falls into my quirk Quentin Tarantino category).

I'm strange. I find passion in some of the strangest things. This is one of them. I don't like you A-listers. But fortunately for them, there's enough people in the world who don't think like me.

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  1. I will not go to a movie unless I expect to like the story. I couldn't care less who's in it, as I don't really pay attention to actors anyway. (Actually, if something has David Tennant in it, I am automatically interested, but that's it.)