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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meet the Teacher #2

Yesterday was CJ's turn to meet the teacherS.

Middle school is a leap and bound from elementary school. This is 7th grade for CJ, and while she will still have some anxiety, it is a whole lot better than starting 6th grade.

But the transition, if I dare say there is one, is distinct: gone is one teacher to deal with, or prizes on Friday for getting homework done, walking a short distance to the library, cafeteria or other rooms.

At least in our case, it's a three story building where the gym is on one end and sixth grade is clear on the other side, and on the opposite floor.

And they are left to fend for themselves. Sure, there are teachers to help them get started but overall, it's an immediate introduction to being independent. Probably one of the most sobering transition I knew would happen to her...and her personality.

So that is what to expect when entering sixth grade, so seventh should be a little better, right?

Right for the most part.

But when CJ received her schedule in the mail, there were near-tears. First: she was in Chorus. She didn't sign up for chorus (pretend I'm using my 'imitating my daughter voice'). And she was supposed to be in *advanced* language arts. And she doesn't want to start the year with gym!!!

So I had to settle her nerves and did what other yuppie, crazed moms do: I emailed the counselor. So Meet the TeacherS day involved a 20 minute wait to see the counselor to change her schedule.

We did find out that her Language Arts class is, in fact, advanced, although the schedule didn't label it correctly. The irony is that it won't be long before she's complaining about why did she have to be in *advanced* language arts.

We also met the volleyball coach. She's going big her seventh grade year and will try out for the girls volleyball team. I am so excited for her but of course, I have to play it cool.

We peeked into the gym several times looking for the volleyball coach, who I also emailed and he asked that we introduce ourselves to him at Meet the TeacherS day. Finally, we just walked in to meet with the gym teacher, who surprisingly remembered CJ and her name!, and asked about it, to which he pointed to the man I was supposed to talk to. I looked over, didn't see anyone, re-scanned and found that the one guy that looked like an 8th grader was the volleyball coach.

Once we did all that had to be done, seen all that had to be seen, I was ready to go. But CJ wasn't ready: What about these other electives? I told her 'those aren't until second year...surely by then you'll know where they are?' In her best panicked, whiney voice: "but I won't know where to go!" Really? Really. You'll be attending classes for four months before you have to go to the other classes and you won't know how to get to them?

Of course. I said that on the INSIDE so as not to upset my fragile daughter's emotional stability and we went to search out the remaining classes for NEXT semester.

All in all it was very successful. Of course, she's still extremely nervous about tomorrow, worrying that she won't find her classes...when her team area is right down the hall from the gym (which is the drop off zone) *and* there are numbers to direct her to where she needs to go. I'm trying to show her on the map how to get there and I've only been in that building a half a dozen times!

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