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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet the Teacher #1

Today was MiMi's Meet the Teacher Day. Can you believe she starts second grade next week? SECOND GRADE.

There was a bit of drama before heading over to the school but we made it over in one piece. The promise of shopping for candy afterwards seemed to be the right medicine to healing.

The biggest concern for MiMi, at the end of last school year, was the fact that second grade is on the second floor and MiMi's not a big proponent of stairs and heights.

And of course, not only was her class on the second floor, but down a hall that is sort of a 'breezeway': open on both sides to see views of the gym and the library on the first floor. This is even more daunting for her, which gives me more ammo to worry about her.

But amazingly, she ended up having the teacher that she told me last school year that she wanted to have for second grade. BTW, CJ also got the 7th grade team she wanted to get amazing is that?

Anyway, while we were at the school, CJ got to go back to see her previous teachers for 3rd grade and on. It is so fricking surreal to think about going to that school the first day for CJ, 3rd grade, and seeing the same teacher nearly four years later. How can this be?

We'll see how the next Meet the Teacher day goes; this one for CJ. But it's humbling for me with elementary school, since both my kids have memories set (and on-going) here.

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  1. I was terrified/excited for my 2nd grade MtT. I even remember what I wore.
    This year I don't have mine until Tuesday. It seems really far away, yet impossibly close.