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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Maroon 5

CJ mentioned this past Thursday that Maroon 5 was coming to Raleigh and asked if we could go see them.

"When are they coming?"

"Next Tuesday."

What? Talk about being spontaneous.

I knew MiMi LOVED Maroon 5. I can't tell you how many times I hear it played on youtube (she plays the video over and over), or her singing it over and over (this I like). I've heard Misery so many times that I can't believe the album hasn't even been _released_ yet. I thought this song came out a year ago.

But now CJ claimed that this is one of her favorite bands. We own zero songs by them.

What the heck, I tell Tim, why not? We've seen bands we don't even like (i.e. Backstreet Boys). Finding cheap tickets would be the answer "not" answer.

Tickets from ticketmaster came up to ~$300 for four. I considered bowing out and letting Tim take CJ, but that left MiMi out, who I knew loved them just as much, if not more.

I looked at craigslist and they were being sold about 65 a pair; still too much for this concert, IMO. I looked at my work bulletin board...nothing.

So about 4PM this past Monday, I looked at the bulletin board one more time and lo and behold, four tickets for $15 each came up. I called, then emailed, and the person said I could have them and would I like to have her spare parking pass, she lives in a condo two blocks from the amphitheater.

Wow. I felt a little overwhelmed at her generosity. A total stranger offering a freebie for no reason other than the sense of community we have in our big little company.

So we did it and made it to the extremely humid concert, outdoor arena. Opening act was V.B. Brown. I had a free song from her that I got off iTunes "Shark in the Water". She was pretty good live. I didn't like the song but she sings well. Tim became suspicious of whether she was lip-syncing, she was that good.

Next up?

Kris Allen.

Who you ask?

Kris Allen. The dude that won last year's American Idol competition.

The guy I wasn't rooting for.

He sucked. If he has an album out, it's an album of cover tunes because that's what he played. The girls couldn't stand him either.

One of my babysitter extraordinaire, Crystal, found us and gave us a warm hello, with her equally beautiful sister Heather. They hadn't even heard of the dude. :)

Finally, Maroon 5 makes it on stage. The girls scream crazy for Adam Levine. Tim and I get into a debate on how tall he is (I win :)).

I knew a handful of their songs based on radio airplay, as well as MiMi airplay. They are pretty catchy but nothing I would run to. I liked Adam from a stint he did on Saturday Night Live. He doesn't look like a "fun" guy...just a serious front man for a popular band.

But I was wrong.

He was pretty funny and he did an excellent job of keeping the crowd alive and engaged. A very good user experience :).

They sounded amazing. For not knowing any of their songs, I loved every thing I heard. I did a lot of boogey-oogey-oogeying.

Overall, a great big two thumbs up. I wouldn't say I was a fan, but I will: I'm a fan. The music is fine; the sportsmanship a 10++.

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