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Monday, August 30, 2010

Live, Laugh, Love (AKA Cancer Sucks)

Some things just catch a person off guard. That happened to me last night, as I read through my Facebook friends' status updates.

I noticed a "friend", Holly Mohajer, changed her profile picture. An innocuous event but it caught my eye, so I clicked her profile to see how she was doing. And then I saw a post of sympathy, then sadly, the obituary for her husband.

And then I cried.

I cried for a man I didn't know, a woman I briefly met, and yet had been touched by so many years ago. I also cried because I knew that her husband had recently been diagnosed with cancer and they were struggling to pay his medical bills. There were numerous events to help them, all by local restaurants who were coming together to support them.

Holly and Hamid own Mo's Diner, an intimate little place in Moore Square. If you don't look for it, you may miss it, as it sits on the corner, all on its own, on the opposite side of where all the activity occurs.

I took Tim there years ago. I wrote about it, then on a local newsgroup, since it was 2004 and blogging wasn't a "word" that was used my posts ended up on a newsgroup (or in my friends' inboxes).

Holly wrote me back after reading it with such praise and enthusiasm. Over the years, I would get an occasional email responding to another post I would add to the newsgroup, or I would read her own posts/replies.

When I found her on facebook, I added her and kept up occasionally until I found out, earlier in the year, about her husband.

FriendsforHamid outlined their struggle with his cancer.

This news was on the heels of news of another friend, who I had read earlier yesterday morning, is not doing well with his cancer. Reading about Hamid's death just made me so sad - again - for my young friend and his wife. They keep active and I see him at work, always with a hearty hello for me. He shows no sign of anything horrible happening within his body. He and his wife seem so happy in their pictures, their writings. And yet, the truth, as little as they need to indicate, is that the cancer is taking over his body. The last sentence of my friend's CaringBridge page had this:
The news doesn't get any better when talking about scans and cancer but enjoying life and the moments that we can share together, have been priceless.

I noticed Holly "liked" a quote that had: I wish cancer would get cancer and die so we could keep our loved ones a lot longer on. And while I understood her reason to "like" this, I didn't find it that appealing since the whole 'get cancer and die' part of the line is so fucked up.

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