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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner

This book was my book club's second choice after dumping The Devil in the White City. While I read it and loved it, I do admit that it's not an easy read.

The story eventually surprised me, as I expected "fluff" books to be more about romance. There were elements of romance that were very brief but the overall story is about four women and their lives as new moms. But it was an engaging story that I looked forward to reading.

The stories the women had about their babies and their husbands were hilarious and maddening. It reminded me of my own life as a new mom (for both of my children) and how tired I was; how exhausting taking care of a newborn is. When they say it gets easy, it really does. Reading about these women with their newborns made me *so* thankful that I was out of that phase. Sure, my kids give me hardship in other ways but no way close to the hardship of a newborn.

The husband stories were funny too. The fact that men seemed to ding out as fathers reminded me of my own situation, although in all fairness, mothers tend to set dads up for failure. We deem ourselves as doing EVERYTHING and do everything anyway without ever asking for help...or asking for help at the wrong time. It's just so easy to get pissed at the husband vs. the child.

And while I enjoyed 90% of the book, the end left me with "eh". It ended with a nicely tied bow: happily ever after. The worst mother-in-laws were now tolerable; a cheating husband forgiven. Life goes one merrily after all.

I'm not sure if I'd read another Weiner book because of that end but I did enjoy this one.

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